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  1. Jocw

    practice programs laptimes

    Drifting back on topic That's more or less what I noticed and it's utterly stupid IRL, teams do put very worn engines in FP, and I'm guessing they aren't surprized if the laptimes drop. I mean, if you throw something in the water, don't be surprised if it's wet afterwards This doesn't make for very good practice, depending on the level of engine wear, it will either be way too easy or virtually impossible (and frustrating AF) And also, it means that to improve your practice points, you have to get a new practice gearbox every weekend. Very realistic
  2. Jocw

    practice programs laptimes

    just checked - no, they're not. Or nowhere near enough
  3. Are practice programs objectives lowered when you're running with a worn power unit ?
  4. Jocw

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    - slight modifications to the front brake bias can completely change the behavior of your car, I feel we should be able to change it by 1% during races, maybe even 1/2% - if you attend a league race and you're the only human player in there, the game should at least ask if you don't mind racing alone, and not penalise you if you do mind (if I'm gonna race the IA, might as well do it in carreer mode with an IA that suits me) - on the same subject, if you're in a league in which you're the only human player to actually attend races, you should be offered to leave the league without any penalty to your attendance rating - there are way too much different leagues, most of them with less than 2 players. Maybe forbid people with low attendance rating to create schedruled leagues ? - the penalty system, I know it's hard to create a fair automatic system but when someone turns on you as you overtake them on a straight... - in carrer mode, more realistic drivers transferts - still in carrer mode, powertrain development should be different from aerodynamics and chassis developpment - highlights should focus on overtaking (It even managed to miss the only overtake that happened in one of my races). The camera used isn't ideal either