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  1. You make me doubt, but i'm pretty sure it happened to me when I played on 70 difficulty (though 90 was closer to my true level) and started to win races with Renault Anyway, we're drifting off-topic
  2. Hi ! I'm having troubles with qualifying program in F1 2019 that I didn't experience in F1 2018. This program is supposed to last 3 laps, each one about 0.1 or 0.2 seconds slower than the previous one. I usually get the first one right, but at such a cost to my tyres that I lose about 1/2 second each lap, effectively making this a one-lap practice program. Am I the only one to experience this issue ? Do you push the car to the limit during this practice program or do you try to save some tyre life for your last 2 laps ? Thanks !
  3. Not if you're quick enough, i've done it in one lap several times when I was struggling to find the right difficulty level Off course not, but maybe target times should be readjusted ? As suggested here :
  4. Just like every program. But it's supposed to give you 3 chances to get it right, so there's something wrong of you can't even get to the 2nd one without losing 1/2 second per lap
  5. That's why I usually keep the qualifying program for P3
  6. I do 50% races So maybe I need to prioritize tyre wear development Or maybe pad + assists don't allow you to save enough tyre life
  7. Yeah, that's what I've been doing but I'd like to stop using replays and restarts of possible
  8. Jocw

    not change the front wing

    I had a similar issue in Baku, not with the front wing but with the tyres I chose My initial strategy was a 2 stopper (soft -> medium -> soft), my engineer suggested soft -> soft -> medium, which I accepted. Then I changed my mind again and swiched my next tyres manually back to medium. And somehow, after I pitted for the first time, I was on the soft
  9. i'm still using a few assists, ERS mode is one of them, so not an issue for me Can't you recharge the battery on your 2nd lap and get full power back for the last one ? Almost forgot, i'm on the pad + a few assists (anti-lock brakes, medium traction control)
  10. Hi I had a recurrent issue with points that should be given for completing the qualifying program. I like to keep that one for FP3, and in the last 5 or 6 races, i've only been given about 25 points for FP3, as if I didn't complete this program I play on xbox one, and i'm currently using the pad Thanks !
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    Differential off throttle

    Ok thanks guys, I think I get it
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    Differential off throttle

    Hi everyone, I'm basically a beginner in F1 games and have a limited knowledge of F1 in general, but I'd like to explore the setup part of the game So I read codemaster's description of the different parameters you can change on the car and there's one of them I don't get. Differential is described as the way power is distributed between the rear wheels, and a locked differential gives you an advantage in outright traction. I get what it means "on throttle", that's pretty straightforward, but what power do you have to distribute when you're "off throttle" ? And does the word traction even have sense when you're off throttle ? Thanks