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  1. On 7/25/2019 at 3:32 PM, Faya said:

    Hi all,

    I've merged a few threads together to keep all the responses in the same place. For those who haven't already done so, please can you do/confirm the following;

    • Your Steam name
    • A picture of the error that you’re are getting
    • Are you running any UDP telemetry tools?

    To try to fix it while we do some investigating, could you try making sure you have any mods removed and verifying your files and seeing if that helps at all?

    Validating F1 2019 downloaded correctly

    • Open Steam and go to the Library tab
    • Right click on F1 2019 and select Properties
    • Go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity Of Game Files


    Steam Name: Anvilz

    Screenshot is attached

    No, im not running anything else


  2. Hey,

    I have an serious problem with online matches in F1 2019. Yesterday after I started my PC and downloaded the latest patch for the game I couldn't join any online lobby. The game just tells me that I was kicked for cheating even though didn't use any kind of cheatig software or what-soever. Am I the only Person who has this problem and is there a way to fix it? Thanks for your help!