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  1. RicardoRodri244

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    I wrote a word which I don't figure as fool language , always was the same word , not offensive to me . if I pay the game I have the right to criticize . i have no problem recognizing maybe I should change the word censured for another like silly . I insist I don't figure the word I wrote to be offensive . That said I accept the suggestion but I not failed respect to CM , even was my intention
  2. RicardoRodri244

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    i do my posts however I want , if you don't like go spread your irony and unpolite behavior some place else like a petulant man baby do ... childish is to criticize someonelses opinions the way you did just because you disagree. I also find you very incoherent , because previous you also criticized AI Constructive criticism is saying what I find wrong and giving clear examples like I did. I respect anyone who finds the game or AI or whatever perfect , I am just expressing what I think is wrong but there will always be people who likes to spend their time attacking others ...
  3. RicardoRodri244

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    Complete **** this is years game... the career r&d issue, mid season transfers ruins the game even more , besides de ridiculous AI !! at 90AI in championship mode with a Aston Martin Red Bull I get easily passed on straights by a toro Rosso or Mclaren !!!! What bunch of **** is this ???????? How could anyone make a game like this. ????? they don't have any respect for the people who buy the game !! almost 2 months with the game out, lots of noise about this **** and what Codemasters do ???? Nothing !! There are lot of other unreasonable features like wet AI performance, aggressiveness over the top, the car is very hard to drive in wet surfaces, everyone starts the race quicker than us , etc etc... Codemasters have some respect . it will be my last F1 game if there is no radical change soon
  4. RicardoRodri244

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

  5. RicardoRodri244

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    No. of course not. where did you get that idea ? i don't like to see unrealistic performances such as 1:17 on Monza at 95 AI , imagine at 110... or in a straight get passed by a slower car , things like this ant others I pointed out that make no sense. i see a lot of players complaining the same
  6. RicardoRodri244

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    I like the ideia of improving the AI but not to unrealistic levels as they did . i find no sense on other topic that in beginning of 3rd season Mercedes and Ferrari are along with Williams the worse 3 teams and the top 3 teams are Racing Point Alfa Romeo and Toro Rosso !! *** ?!?!
  7. RicardoRodri244

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    Hi everyone I am a F1 Codemasters series player since day one . Every year I enjoyed the career mode even though some series were to easy below the top difficulty . I have started to play at 90 when it was 0-100 ant then at 95 when the AI's top became 110 , everytime I was winning I increased the AI and when I was developing the car I was improving the AI's level and the results remain good. This years game is for me the worst in terms of AI logical behavior and performance. I started with 100 and s1 got completely smashed with Mercedes , got fired , went to Alfa Romeo and the results kept very bad. Then 2nd season even worse , as I was slowly developing the car, the other teams developed theirs way faster , increasing the gap... Got fired again, switch to Williams , and reduced the AI to 95 , all the same. 18/20 Q and 15/20 R ... Got fired again, then to prove a theory switch to Racing Point which in my career is the best team, they have all developed, full performance . Reduced the AI to 94 !, First race Monza, the pole time is 1:17,001 !! (my teammate) I made 1:19,489 which I think Is a great time (2 second lower than the race record) and finished in 18th ... In the race I barely got a 13th place ... next to Japan, qualify 20th !! In the race with the best car of all I got passed on straight without DRS !! *** ?!?!?!?!? this is pure rubbish !! beside the ridiculous pace and times the aggressiveness of the AI is also unberable they take you out of the track without any problem or damage most of the times, they pass you through the kerbs or grass but its all good . I thought the AI on 2018 should be a little bit faster at 100 for example and more aggressive on overtake but not this insanity . Other thing I don't understand is having the faster car and when starting race at 13th I reach every time the first corner on 20th ...