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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    Ok.. For myself and many others in our racing groups and communities that have left dirt rally 2 it's been solely because of the FFB on PC, here's why! 1) You are passing an engine rumble effect etc via the rumble motors available on some rims. For example, when using the Porsche rim for fanatec you feel some extra effects (that are absolutely essential) via the inbuilt rumble motors in the rim. However these rumble motors are NOT present in all Fanatec rims such as the Universal Hub etc. Therefore users using a no. Rumble rim, experience SIGNIFICANTLY reduced information vs those who have/use a rumble mote. these effects USED to be transferred VIA the motor (not the rumble motors in the rim) ala Dirt 4 etc. 2) Driving a vehicle on tarmac even at 30mph causes you steering wheel (in SOME* games and more importantly in reality) to move with mild chatter. This chatter is a mix of a myriad of forces such as uneven surface, camber, inclines, engine rumble, tyre flex, environmental forces such as wind ambient air pressure etc. and of course surface texture etc. All of these forces are stabilised in reality into a mild chatter/sway as you drive, you'll see even driving down a perfectly straight motorway at 80mph you wheel will have some movement even if only 1mm each way, but it can NOT be entirely dead in every possible respect. The laws of physics do not allow this in our objective reality. In Dirt Rally 2 a user (without a rumble effect rim on PC) can literally drive a stripped out, souped up insane beast of a machine, at over 120mph down a bumpy single lane road... and if you let go of your wheel (or hold it) it's entirely DEAD! Utterly lifeless where as in real life videos and real life in General, and other (proper) sims you hand will receive chatter and also some elasticity from the suspension / tyres etc on the uneven surface. There is NOTHING in DR2! 3) When driving down a road and approaching a corner at 90mph, the steering should be heavier (power steering reduces at speed + downforce etc) and as you turn the wheel it should progressively get heavier the more you turn into the corner. This is again, due to the laws of physics as we have more friction and pressure, forces being applied to the tyres plus compression of the suspension and sway (centre of gravity) changing as weight transfer to the front / sides of the vehicle which make it progressively harder to turn the wheel the more we enter into the corner. (This is particularly evident on front engine vehicles in reality) However in DR2 you can literally blast down a road at 120mph and use your pinky finger to turn the steering wheel and the car pivots into the corner, causing a sawing effect at the wheel as there is no pressure fighting us as we try to turn. This is evident in a lot if YouTube videos where users saw at the wheel in corners, where in reality we would turn, the wheel would fight us, we would turn more, it would resist us more. Dirt Rally 2 has none of these effects meaning you can just hurtle down the road with you completely DEAD wheel, turn you wheel with 1 little pinky (and I'm using my Fanatec DD2 here!) and the car pivots into the corner in a laughable manner! In REALITY I've have to tense both arms and squeeze with pressure to get that car to turn into that corner. But the game provides NO resistance THRE FLEX etc. Additionally, when users approach corners on road surfaces, mane of them find after turning into the corner, they have to counter steer out, then turn back in a little, then turn back out a little.. causing a "sawing" effect which is NOT how it should be. It should be that we turn the wheel and the FFB tries to push us back, meaning we can then apply the correct amount of pressure to hold the wheel at the correct point that will get us around the corner in 1 held movement, instead of 6 sawing effects. 4) a fantastic example of tyre flex and pressure (FOR THIS EXAMPLE ONLY / NOT IN GENERAL) is ACC try turning a corner in ACC in a heavy vehicle. You will see that the wheel motion is smooth, aim for the Apex, feel how much the wheel pushes back, apply the correct amount of pressure round the wheel to balance / hold it in that location to get round the corner, it will fight, push and hit you back etc when you hit the kerb etc, but you anticipate that and "tense" to apply extra pressure then as you exit the corners Apex you begin letting the wheels self centre, and you reduce the pressure applied allowing the wheel / car to smoothly exit anf straighten up its self. NONE of this is evident in DR2 the user has to straighten the car themselves, constantly turning to much, then correcting, then turning again, over correcting etc because we get NO information from the tyres / forces / suspension etc we have to guess. 5) Those asking for tyle slip of fake under steer are incorrect and wrong! That effect needs to die in a fire! DO NOT ADD FAKE UNDERSTEER EFFECT! if code is are willing to make the FFB modable again, I'll upload my edit D3 FFBZ where I added a myriad of effects that enhanced the game 10fold. I added gear change kicks, road rumble effects, engine rumble, removed the fake understeer and added progressive weight (to a degree) but if they see what it was, and where it is now, they can get an idea of what's missing, as the FFB on this game is a shocking embarrassment for a "sim" (which it's not). The game is a good arcade game, running in bonnet cam On a pad is great! But it's terrible on a high end wheel, it actually feels better on childs toy products like the Logitech etc as they have rumble effects that high end wheels don't have. So in some cases the toy wheels feel better than the CSWv2.5 and the OSW and DD2 etc. So those running kids toys like Logitech and driving in bonnet cam, they love the game. But those running professional grade hardware and who want good FFB and DASHCAM aren't enjoying this and the numbers/reviews prove it. Most of the negative reviews etc are from hardcore sim racers/high end wheel users. Console users and toy wheel users absolutely love the game. So how can this be fixed? SIMPLE! 1) Bring back dash cam that was PIONEERED in Dirt Rally and PERFECTED in Dirt 4! That camera was SO good FORZA added it to FM7 and Forza Horizon 4... and now your biggest competitor added it to WRC 7! You guys PIONEERED that camera then removed it after everyone loved it and ALL your competitors added it? ***?? 2) LISTEN to high end non rumble wheel users and add the choice to divert / redirect ALL the forces to the motor! This is game could be spectacular, but it's just not as enjoyable to play as D4 or DR1 due to it feeling so lifeless and dead through the wheel. Additionally, if you can't make FFB work after 15 Dirt titles I have no faith the FFBZ in Grid will be any better, which is why none of the team/teams I race with are buying that product or supporting it. I may G2A it after a few months but none of us will buy it full price etc. Good of luck and take this post in any way you wish! Yes it's got a lot of negative remarks, but feel free to ignore them and focus on the actual content I'm providing in regard to that FFB. You don't have to like me or my post, but there is no denying... the force feedback is an effing embarrassment for what is nearly 2020!!!