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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    Ohh dear! Users like this just don’t get it? Everything written is fact! Wether you like it or not! Code masters uses rumble effects via rims that have rumble motors in then! FACT Users WITHOUT Rumble rims loose the data ENTIRELY! FACT! There is no progressive FFB on hard surface including GeForce, tyre flex etc while turning into a corner. This is even presented by CM themselves in the FFB PDF. FACT This thread was created for the PEOPLE who don’t like the FFB or LEFT the game because if it etc. You didn’t leave, you like FFB are you using a DD2/OSW/non rumble effect hardware? NO! So why comment when you are still here as you are happy with your experience on your setup! If they ADD these options is WONT affect you and will bring back hundreds of sim racers! We didn’t like the FFB and we are stating why we left! Just because you don’t like our delivery or agree you deny it? Show me a video of your DD2 using a UHX rumble free run and demonstrate engine effect rumble and tyre slip for em please! Oh you can’t! EXACTLY! Its a categorical fact! Like I said, ignore the delivery and focus on the content. Even if you disagree with the content WE LEFT THE GAME BECAUSE OF THIS! You stayed! ADD THE OPTIONS BACK AND HUNDREDS OF USERS WILL RETURN! WIN/WIN! Do codemasters use rumble rim motors to transmit FFB to a wheel! YES! Do users WITHOUT a rumble effect wheel such as a PODIUM DD2 + Podium HUB or UHX HUB receive these same effects? NO! All these effects are entirely missing and not replaced or transistors via the motor! FACT! Just because you don’t like the delivery doesn’t mean the content is wrong! Every single thing posted is 100 FACT! Its not only fact, it’s demonstrable simply by switching rims without even resting the dam game, literally a 5 second test! 2) Codemasters don’t use progressive tyre flex / suspension flex to report pressure on the wheel! They actually discuss how they transit weight distribution in the PDF THEY released! So again categorical, unarguable, demonstrable FACT backed up by data given to use by codies themselves! You are likely using bonnet cam or back seat cam and a controller, or a wheel with a rumble motor etc such as a Logitech/thrust master or maybe a CSW/CSL with a rumble rim! If you are you WONT UNDERSTAND the issues mentioned and will thinks it’s wrong! But like many apologists and deniers you mistook your feelings for facts again! Just because you don’t agree, just because this isn’t your experience doesn’t make it false! How can you not understand that? The game currently has 300 active users! At the time of the FFB instructor post it had 232! it currently has no twitch streams. it currently had no live YouTube streams! it has no coverage over the Major and minor including my) YouTube channels! Stop apologising and suck it up! They need to fix this or we won’t come back you will be stuck with this 200/300 controller users bonnet cam arcade game and another one won’t be made! Add FFB and we will stream/make videos etc as will may more I race with etc. Think about that! Currently there are 300 players playing the game in the entire world according to steam! Currently there are 0 twitch streams according to twitch! YouTubers like myself don’t play or make videos anymore as it’s just awful to play as there is no FFB! And when we do, it’s to try new content. We make a short 8 min video, we then test content and we can’t help ourselves within that video but to move from the content and moan about the FFB! Only to bury the game again and move on to other projects. You disagree but YOU ARE STILL HERE! That’s the actual point! If they don’t add features for high end players we won’t come back and they are stuck with 300 controller bonnet cam players who don’t twitch or stream or make videos, promote the game, but content etc. You may hate us hardcore sim racers but you need us! Wether you agree or disagree with the actual, factual data is irrelevant! It’s why WE left! It’s what WE want as an option! Even if you HATE the delivery it doesn’t matter, you should (for the health of the game) want those OPTIONS added in for hardcore users like us so we will come back, stream, make YouTube content again! By denying our objective reality and actual categorical unarguable, undeniable, demonstrable FACTS, just because you despise our delivery is pathetic and shows you can’t understand the bigger picture! If you are happy with FFB great! Go play and stream and make videos! This discussion is about what those who like the FFB WANT! its about what those who dislike the FFB are missing and why they dislike it! WE are asked why WE want! WE are asked what WE like! WE are asked why WE left! You then deny the reasons why WE left, even though you didn’t leave and haven’t had the experience we had??? This community is small, it’s the same group of people posting every day! Same group, same names! No new users! No big names are streaming the game! We aren’t steaming, we aren’t making content, we sent posting in ANY threads except those related to asking us about why we hate the FFB! Bigger names arnt making content, no one new is coming! ...and yet you still take this deny and pretext stance?? Users like this are the problem, they DONT want features added THAT THEY don’t agree with? None of the changes or additions mentioned would affect his experience in any way, yet he doesn’t want them added to bring the hard core sim racing user base back? So.. how does that help the health of the game? I actually am at the point where this community is so toxic towards its own game, that I actually hope the game fails! Many of us don’t ever want to see a Dirt Rally 3 anymore so the community can sit and say: ”Dam if only we didn’t cry about adding features those annoying, obnoxious, ********* wanted. The game would have more users, streamers, clubs, racers, sales etc.. and even though it didn’t affect us in any way, we still denied THEIR entire reality and cried about adding features that would improve the game for then, and wouldn’t have affect us in any way” Users like that deserve a game to fail! Interestingly, one of our members (a medium sized YouTuber) is and has been invited to KT for the last few weeks to try our WRC8. The FFB in the game is nothing short of spectacular! You will see upon release or maybe a next video that the FFB has gone from being a few sliders, to now having around 10 sliders+ Allowing us to fine tune the FFB in ways that were never possible before on WRC games. They have also added dashcam! And the physics are fantastic. The cars have weight, progressive grip on surfaces, it’s very impressive. Our member has stated that they are fielding community feedback and adding in options that will allows all users to add/remove the FFB they want and currently the FFB feels like a mix between PCars2 RX / ACC and Elias surfaces feel like laser scanned bumpy tracks not flat textures. Here is the interesting part! None of us pay KT games. None of us like BigBen! None of like older WRC games! But WRC8 is shaping up to be the most immersive and incredible rally simulator around because they accommodate ALL the user base! Not just those who already like it! They are listening to why we didn’t play, buy, steam etc. and they are adding in options for US to bring us into the ecosystem along with the ones who already like it! if WRC8 feels as good as X is saying. I see no reason to come back to this controller fest, bonnet cam game, because codies and IN PARTICULAR their fanBOI base ARE NOT LISTENING TO WHY WE LEFT! We can all live together, and you should want that. I’m happy to play with controller users, on a console, using bonnet cannot 3rd person cam, just accommodate me and my wheel! but seems you arcade bois don’t want to accommodate the hard code sin base! cool! There are other developers and communities who will! But don’t forget, when the game is dead, you get no more content, you get no more dirt rally 3... don’t come crying to us!