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  1. Hi Barry, Only in multiplayer mode. All our tiers use the same setting and only happened to my lobby Copied this from out instruction video for our hosts ( sorry it's in dutch but you will have an idea I guess to what is what )
  2. Hi Barry, I will try to replicate this, upcoming sunday with our next league race. All drivers were impacted by this behavior / bug, all core tyre temps stayed at 93 degrees all the time, even when chaning to inters in the rain ( socchi what else ). I think it's hard to replicate this, not sure if this comes from a saved template, which causes this, so will see next race.
  3. A detailed description of the issue. Tyre cores stay at 93 degrees celsius all the time, for every car in the lobby. Report Code: haven't made a note of this Platform? Playstation ( 4 and 5 ) Game-mode? [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? 15 [ONLINE] Were you the host? Yes I was the host What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Nothing qualification and race have taken place, got notified afterwards I didn't notice myself Any screenshots or video of the issue? Yes please see screenshot attached How do you make the problem happen? P
  4. Yes I have to agree with you, they are very inconsistent with the current release 1.03 not only in TT but also races etc. Silverstone end of hangar straight turn to the right is more inconsistent then last year, running too wide seems not cause any invalidations where you would expect them ( also with turn 5 on the astro turf and the curb, bit the same you experience with this corner in Austria ), this specific corner in Austria, in Bahrain the right hander corner 13 run off area and so on for different circuits...
  5. Hey Codemasters In F1 2020 we had a nice overview of the settings of the lobby at the bottom ( weather, corner cutting etc. ) In F1 2021 it's totally unclear which lobby settings there are set by the host, and very difficult / exploritory to find the settings from the menu's. I would really like to see a nice overview of the lobby settings in the lobby itself, there is enough room. Regards, Ed
  6. Thanks! I was searching maybe some got merged then. We ( few in my league ) couldn't find it, not in online training session, not in TT, not directly from the menu's no where.... always greyed out.... so in GP mode it should be accessible! Will try, when home, many thanks
  7. Hi All, Is there anyone who can tell me, how I can change the places of things in the HUD, we have been through some modes but seems like on PS5 the HUD isn't changable, and like to move some things around. Does anybody know anything?
  8. Ok, so means this is something in the F1 2021 game, and not the base or even the rim... Exact same thing!
  9. No as I'm aware this hasn't been resolved. Do you have V2 with APM as well? what wheelbase? and did you update the firmware already to 402 ( see my link to the forum where you can download from page 1 )
  10. @weekybrwhat wheelbase do you have? I have a thread with Fanatec in the 402 driver as well https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/22210/fanatec-driver-402-before-399-incl-new-firmware-manager-for-csl-csw-and-podium-wb-all-wheels#latest Trying to figure things out, I have this issues with PS5 and DD1 with latest Firmware 402 I know another case with CSL Elite with the exact same issue... I have a PS5 and freshly installed F1 2020 for some league races, no issues in mapping any buttons at all, so to me it seems this is coming from the F1 2021 game, since they definitly worked. F
  11. On our league we have multiple people mentioning this issue, the DRS blip is somewhere faint in the background, but almost unhearable. Tried a few settings, but can't get the sound to change to a louder volume, changed volume settings etc. none of them made a difference. Platform Playstation 5 Version 1.03 Any type of mode
  12. Hi Marcel, Running latest firmware 402 drivers from Fanatec. No issues on F1 2020, F1 2021 1.03 gives these issues, not only on one device, both DD1 and CSL Elite wheelbases ( not only on the one I have )
  13. Hi Marcel, Yes they worked fine in F1 2020 as from the beginning, in release 1.03 of F1 2021 they are not mappable ( no idea on previous builds ), and keeping awaiting input and default back to what was set. I see some more issues regarding mappable buttons on different platforms as well. For F1 2020 Podium wheels where fully compatible, and it's also recognized in F1 2021 as podium wheel.
  14. Hi, On PS5 the top flippers of the fanatec advanced paddle module on podium wheels doesn't register as mappable buttons anymore. The clutch of the APM and shifters are recognized for mapping. PlayStation 5 On both Fanatec CSL elite and on DD1 reproducable Restarted the PS5 and the wheelbase, as I thought it might be an issue with a first run of the game. Friend of mine with Podium wheel and APM has the same issue with the mapping of buttons. This is happening on version 1.03 Tried this from options menu in the general window as well on the in game settings
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