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  1. NigelWeber

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    The trigger vibration definitely doesn't (if it's suppose to or not is another question).
  2. NigelWeber

    Leaderboard: Controller/Steering wheel

    I'd love to know what controller settings/sensitivities they're using because it is incredibly twitchy and no way has the full motion of steering as a wheel.
  3. NigelWeber

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    Reading this just highlights the fact of how barebones this game is :S Have any of the features mentioned above been implemented in past games? I swear some of them have. Which is doubly disappointing.
  4. NigelWeber

    Haze is overdone?

    Actually I take back my previous post. It is overdone. My older 360 games looks clearer, bar the actual decrease in overall fidelity.
  5. NigelWeber

    Chase cam has no sense of speed

    @ChironTheseus You've actually pointed out another reason for switching to it briefly, on the straights; for the engine noise.
  6. Both Chase Cam options lack a sense of speed compared to all other viewing perspectives. Anyone else notice this? Please implement a motion blur or something to improve the feeling of travelling at speed. P.s I know most don't use those camera modes, neither do I... But I like to switch between them when I'm in the lead, for fun.
  7. NigelWeber

    First Career Season in 2019 - quick question

    Riccardo's Ai is known amongst the community to be under performing. Whereas Perez is known to be over performing, as an example. I noticed the same thing as you, had the Ai set to similar difficulty in my first season with Renault. Now in my second and have bumped it up to 90-95. Riccardo is out of F1 and got replaced by... Perez lol. Hulk to Racing Point.
  8. NigelWeber

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Guys I'm curious.. Where does this game rank compared to all the previous games in terms of the state of the game upon release? The last F1 game I played before this one was F1 2012. I don't remember it being too bad other than the usual latency issues etc. I remember car setups were broken cos the league I was in forced everyone to not use any higher springs than 6-6 or something for a while... I think I remember F1 2010 having some very annoying 'going slower than limiter' pit lane bug that never got fixed?
  9. NigelWeber

    Can you do anything about league Ai ?

    Yep, had same problem in my league. Instantly regretted having the Ai on because of the reasons you mentioned. Many damaged wings and unavoidable corner cutting penalties because of them...
  10. NigelWeber

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Just want to add I experienced my first safety car in my first and only career (50% race distance), at Spa. I have no idea what caused it to come out; there was heavy rain though. And I think it was buggy too. I never caught up to a train of cars behind the safety car. Then it went in the pits and went racing again. Anyway, just want to say be careful what you wish for with developers in general. They are notoriously bad at being relative and always overdo balance decisions to the other extreme. I don't want to see a safety car every race.
  11. NigelWeber

    Highlights music

    Isn't there an option in the in-game replay UI? It's pressing the Right analogue stick on the Xbone controller. Doesn't seem to work though (PC).
  12. NigelWeber

    Car types in ranked lobbies

    I was thinking of making a thread similar to this. Why can't we just race the actual cars? I was gonna make the point of hearing that same engine noise getting kinda old. Is it it's unique sound or the Renault? Would it be a crime to let us choose which engine audio we want? (Renault, Ferrari, Honda, Merc) - If the actual cars never make it to ranked.
  13. NigelWeber

    Haze is overdone?

    Hmm not noticed haze per say. The sun's glare however is a tad over done perhaps. Long shot: If on PC fxaa is kinda blurry from memory. EDIT: Upon playing more recently and this thread being on my mind, I have noticed it too. Volumetric fog is thicker than it needs to be.
  14. Always the same when it happens, one player doesn't fully connect/load in on the starting grid. Then, not sure if it's the same player, but someone actually manages to leave the starting grid and race the full race alone while everyone just sits on the grid waiting indefinitely. Please fix.
  15. NigelWeber

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    Ha I just finished a race on Suzuka in my career and also thought that bump was a bit much (just before the main straight). The only way to mitigate it is to accelerate towards the outside of the corner (on the left handside) while keeping the car as straight as possible until after the bump.