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  1. Brix0n

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    done it too. now i hope that you chose me 😄
  2. Brix0n

    ERROR CODE: 1008H

    hello. I have error code: 1008:H from two days in F1 2019... I can't play online... I can't connect... Please help me.... The same problem have others players... Look on steam discusions....
  3. LOL... We have this problem from patch 1.06... We restarting, reinstalling game and steam and drivers, consistency of game files. Nothing helps.......:(
  4. Codemasters can u help with this problem... We bought the game and can't play online.......... 😞
  5. Steam name: 74zoism Are you running any UDP telemetry tools? No Use DX11 Don't use any mods. Can't run multiplayer ranked and unranked... In time trial does not save best times... 😞 i try reinstall steam and game. Doesn't work 😞 Please help When i wanna join i see "ERROR CODE: NM14" and "U are deleted froms session for cheating"