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    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    done it too. now i hope that you chose me 😄
  2. LOL... We have this problem from patch 1.06... We restarting, reinstalling game and steam and drivers, consistency of game files. Nothing helps.......:(
  3. Codemasters can u help with this problem... We bought the game and can't play online.......... 😞
  4. Steam name: 74zoism Are you running any UDP telemetry tools? No Use DX11 Don't use any mods. Can't run multiplayer ranked and unranked... In time trial does not save best times... 😞 i try reinstall steam and game. Doesn't work 😞 Please help When i wanna join i see "ERROR CODE: NM14" and "U are deleted froms session for cheating"