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  1. Bullegum

    Error 1008:H Master Thread

    This has worked for me. THANKS A LOT MAN !!
  2. Bullegum

    Error 1008:H Master Thread

    Hi @BarryBL, Thanks, I'll try these solutions as soon as possible and I'll be back to say if it worked or not. 🙂
  3. Bullegum

    Error 1008:H Master Thread

    Hello, Disclaimer : I'm not an english speaker. Well, I've been getting this error (called Error 1008:H) for more or less 2 months. I don't know how I could fix it actually, I tried to check my firewall, to restat my connection and those things usually useless. So, I can't play in Chrono mod, online with other ppl and I'm feeling like scammed cause I (have?) paid 60€ for this game and I can't play it normally. If you have a solution, I accept it with pleasure. 🙂
  4. Hello guys. Same problem here. Some has a solution to fix that ? I played only 4 races on Multiplayer. Best position after a race is about 10, I'm really bad but I'm not a cheater.