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  1. Hribowc

    Idea for new season content

    I love the game and progress the devs made to improve it. The content should be in my opinion more focused on rally stages since its a rally game not a rallycross game. If the game ever gets randomly generated stages from dirt 4 to make it fresh it would be awesome too.
  2. I have a complaint about the HDR in the game in cockpit cam because the dashboard is so dark the outside of the car gets too bright to the point i cant see the road in snow and sunny stages. There could be a setting ingame to change it also an option to chane supersampling ingame vould be nice. I know about hardware setting config vr settings to make it better but thats not for the avrage user and it wuild be better to see the diffrence ingame . What platform you're playing on : STEAM What headset you're using: Oculus Rift S What your PC setup/build is like: 9900K overclocked to 5Ghz, NVIDIA EVGA 2080TI overclocked, Trident z 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM, Windows 10, SSD Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user: Deluxe + Seasons 3 & 4 Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected: Logitech G920 hardware_settings_config_vr.xml
  3. Hribowc

    Steam VR version 1.9 Oculus SDK

    Fixed steam version of the game. Good job game devs.
  4. Use launch options in steam and set framerate cap 10fps above your monitor refresh rate. type this if u have 60hz monitor: -fscap 70