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  1. so i got this answer from F1esport support related to this problem: "This appears to be related to triggering the anti-cheat. You'll need to use the forums for this. If you have any further issues please do not hesitate to email us." Any suggestions? what could trigger the anti-cheat? i never used cheats or mods in any game. i reinstalled the game and steam too....i can't guess what on my pc its triggering the anti-cheat, i uninstalled all the unnacessary apps from pc. idk somebody at codemasters should give an answer, which service or process is in conflict with their anti-cheat, because now i got the same issue with the weekly event too.
  2. they don't give a sh** about this problem its more important to fix AI behaviour in career mode and shi*** like this, the few people who are playing the game are focused only on solo play, but they will say in 2020 that 1 million people participated in the Esport qualifying, when in reality are only a couple of thousands, i guess numbers are not looking better on consoles.
  3. Never used modes and verified integrity of game file No additional apps Restarted game and PC Was it your first time trying Multiplayer? - No. Playesd alot in myltiplayer, today is first time this problem occurred when joining the weekly event race. Which platform you are on - Steam Your relevant Steam ID/PSN ID/Gamertag so we can check further. - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024501986 If you're on Steam, can you let us know what version of Windows you are on - Windows 10 Pro - version 1803
  4. I have the same problem on PC. Here is my steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/botox81/ I suspect this is hapening to people who are registering in f1 esport for the first time ingame through steam overlay and then forget to confirm the email sent(it says in email that you have to confirm the new account within 7 days or it will be deleted). After i created my account this was on the first day of the ongoing event on 5th of august (forgot to confirm the email ) i was able to score points in the event(see first attachment) but yesterday after like 10 days(account should be deleted if its not confirmed, but its not ) from the account creation i tried to improve my score and i only score 0 points since(see attachment 2). i tried to participate with a newly created f1esport account, this time confirmed, i unlinked steam and deleted third-party acces from the old account and linked to new but i still got 0 points(saved data must be messed up on codemasters servers), i guess it's hapening because steam was already linked to other account in the same event, Probably will work when next event is starting.
  5. i have the same issue since second day of the event. first day i did it like 2 times and got the points but i tried to improve my score and i get 0 since then. im on PC too