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  1. Tripokaridos

    Seat adjustments like DR1 and DR2.0 ?

    Thanks a lot for taking time answering that. Is it possible to get seat adjustment on head camera at future updates ? Just bought it and I can see that there is no wheel +hands option (great)
  2. Hi to all , I am ready to buy the game but I wanted to know does it have seat adjustment front and back in cockpit view ? Does it have 3 inside cameras like DR2.0 , Cockpit with wheel and hands or not , Cockpit without them close to the dash, and Dash camera . Thanks.
  3. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    This picture is at Megara 🙂
  4. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    By the way this is how it looks in real life . For me its closer to DR1. (its bright morning) They have to change color palette on DR2 Greek stages in my opinion .
  5. Steam version , Europe also works ok . By the way is it me or they feel way better in DR2.0 ? I can feel the FW power better.
  6. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    exactly , I feel the same . For me DR2.0 is the best rally game overall so I cant see any other options . Yeah its not a big step up from DR1.0 everyone I think agree on that , The first problems with no road FFB effects , VR , audio cuts etch etch make the people angry , but for me they weight of the car until now is the best I have seen , also the reaction of the car is good for me (most times) All I wanted to see is a better career (rewarding with like giving u something ...extra hidden cars , or mechanic's,or unlock something) They have done great work with the deformation of the road and I like it , But I would love to see Real time weather effects . and MORE MORE animals on the roads like birds, dogs , or something , Greek stages for example look empty :) , I think u know what I mean (we have a lot of birds passing by these trees) and sheeps :) loL.
  7. Tripokaridos

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Adding a Dash Cam is very very positive , When I firstly played DR2.0 on New Dashcam I felt so strange , But after 200 hours I have to say now I like it more and more. The truth is that I even go back to DR1 disable the wheel and move the seat front so I can have a dash/cockpit camera like DR2.0 , seeing the speedometer and everything else its a nice compromise for loosing some of the road view I guess. So Good news for all of us playing from inside , Cockpit and Dash cam pulled back and pulled front are 3 different cams that I am sure all will like .
  8. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    Σε καταλαβαίνω ρε φιλε μεγαλη ρομπα...But this is the problem with moderns games, I mostly had problem with all sims ,that patch after patch fix it, for example I paid WRC8 and I unistall it after spending days finding a solution for stuttering over 60 fps, I even changed 2 monitors 🙂 . I hope u find a solution fast
  9. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    You should also Try having support from Milestone for example … after that u will love Codemasters trust me 🙂
  10. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    My friend , I also didn't get an answer about the pop up textures on some tracks (after the fast loading update) and I didn't get any answer about the Low res Background texture on Greece... But us u can see I didn't go write all these on different kind of topics . 🙂
  11. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    I thought that was a joke or something 🙂 …. Sory yeah they are both the same Ford Focus rally car from 2000s
  12. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    Even if its different time of day … I dont think that low res mountain on the distance at DR2 has to do anything with the time of day . Also the Trees and road in Greece its not that color any time of day you gone look at them , ( I know when I open my window I see the First WRC SS in Greece ) In real life the color of the road its mostly brown and not yellowish like Australia, also the Trees in real life aren't green like that , its mostly like the DR1 , brownish-green because in that section mostly never Rains , that why we have olive trees (they dont need a lot of water)
  13. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    Both are the same Subaru Cars .
  14. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    DR2.0 has Worst Color palette on road and trees and also worst distance objects, but Better road textures, close distance objects, car , trees. The color palette is all wrong I know for sure because I live close to Greek SS. about draw distance low res objects I really don't get it why is worst . All setting are maxed out .
  15. Tripokaridos

    Dash camera movement ?

    Hi to all is there any way to move the dash cam ? Moving cockpit view without wheel doesnt gives good results on all cars. And also something ismgoimg wrong with the sense of speed when move the seat to close on cockpit cam.