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  1. Tripokaridos

    Something is coming closer...

    Real time weather effects would be something amazing in my opinion . But choosing a big variety of weather and time would also be great. Great work Codies for supporting the game.
  2. Tripokaridos

    Grid 2019 cockpit view

    Fully Agree , Seat movement must be an option , Its no logical to disable wheel and hands and cant move the seat.
  3. Tripokaridos

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Yeah thank you , I can see Fov adjustment, but this has to do with the field of view … I dont want to see like a fish 🙂 , what I want is move the camera 🙂 like most games have , Codemasters DR1 + DR2 have that .
  4. Tripokaridos

    Welcome to the new GRID

    φιλε do you know if there is any option or way to move the inside cockpit camera more forward ?
  5. Tripokaridos

    Positive thoughts

    There is No perfect game , and from my XP most devs dont care to solve problems let me remind you Milestone for example, Codemasters, Kunos are trying . Also I dont think that there is any other VR rally game out there , PC2 isn't rally . So its the only option its the only Devs that have DR1.0+2 VR rally games , So for me its like you are going from Horse to a Car and expect to be a perfect car from the start... Yeah you have a point VR must be fixed , but if we looked that realistic we gone see that if there was no Codemasters there will be not even the option to play a VR rally game. Online games have the most post in every game that I have seen , from CS to PUBG everyone is talking about that, I agree with you on that Assists must not allowed in global leaderboards or at least make to leaderboards one with assists and one without . and let people choose . But again trust me this is nothing compared to the (other this year rally game ) that most people cant even connect from day one. About Steam workshop and sharing tuning setups yeah that was something really helpful on DR1.0 , but lets not forget that DR1.0 was mainly a PC game and was something like a test ( with a lot of problems on the start) and after months and months and a lot of pressure they let it to go on consoles ... Unfortunately DR2.0 must be on consoles from the start (logical its about money) so some PC things like VR or Steam works had to be not in 1st concern to them . If there was only a PC game trust me it would be more to your likings but we all understand that a company cant survive by making happy only pc users. Or console users … See what happens to Drive Club a game that only sells on PS4 a game that until today has some graphics aspects like rain and weather physics that no one had it like that.
  6. Tripokaridos

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I just bought it on Steam … and wow I didn't expect that after all the negative feeling . For me it has great graphics , weather ,damage etch etch , sounds are nice, menu the same , FFB its basic with also basic options … but waaaaay better than any other simcade that I have played , so its ok for me. Physics are so balanced not so sim not so arcade its so fun to drive and I really want it to take some time off from sim games. Strangely the cars feel that they have weight on them , there is a huge difference from formula to road car...nice even for an not sim game I didn't expect that. But …. all great with Ultrawide support , where is the seat position adjustment ? I turn off the hands and wheel but I cant move the camera forward ??? Is there any Secret option that I cant see ? or there is no option ? I know Dash camera is nice and thanks for that, but I wanted something like DR2.0 cockpit cam without wheel and hands .
  7. Tripokaridos

    Positive thoughts

    After all these months of developing , patching the game I have to say this rally game is getting perfect. I had to say my opinion , ( my xp is 28 years of racing games all kinds , and in real life some passes on Greek Rally stages) First of all in my opinion graphics are just amazing , I had to take a lot of screen shots to be sure . Lighting is spot on , Trees ,Cars are all high detailed , Rain also feels natural , On 3440x1440 Ultra settings everything looks way better than any other Racing game that I have played …overall because yeah there are some games like GT sport that have better car detail but lose on environment or Forza that has better draw distance objects and particle effects. Sound it reminds me the amazing quality that Raceroom has , its the only game that I can drive by sound , I can feel all the progression of tha engine sound, its not only about getting the sound correct , it must feels progressive an all rpms . And yeah its the best for rally games. And not Only that ITS all about Detail in Greek stages I can hear cicadas ??? *** they have record cicadas ? 🙂 lol yeah it feels like a Greek rally Stage thats for sure . Physics , something that I missed on most (sim) rally games is the lack of weight of the car for example RBR , it doesnt feel like that in real life ( I know nothing compare to real life) but it feels more realistic the weight on DR2.0 , FW cars feel spot on at gravel that I know , I dont know how the Rally 4WD drive on real life but from my xp city car 4WD on greek special stage feels like that, My only strange feeling is the brake points are to short I feel like the cars brake so good 🙂 maybe the tyres on rally cars are waay better than stock gravel tyres that I have used. FFB , Yeah Yeah I know I was also very disappointed at the start , but for me its all about road feeling and weight of the car and that all I can take them from the game , I just had to lower tyre friction and stiffness of the wheel to feel more natural to me. Menu and Options , For me very very important , I want a game that works like I wanted not like the devs want, For example graphics option are a lot I can play on Ultra settings on my main PC but also I can play on Low settings on my secondary PC its a difference on performance that is big , Also Wheel settings the SOFT LOCK option is the MOST CLEVER option that I have seen all these years . I wonder why not most devs dont use that ? All I want is the REAL degrees of rotation of the cars, I dont want to keep changing my degrees depending the car. When I use an old one 900, and when I use a new one 540 … I need the game to do that every time and not me . So again THANK you so much for this Soft lock option. Cameras and Ultrawide Support again very positive to have this and most of all there are so many cameras in game and not only that there is a seat movement , this is very helpful to feel like I want it to be and not how the dev want it . Cars selection are also so simple and easy to use , Dirt 4 was so bad menu for me ….but DR2.0 feels so easy and smooth car and stage selection is all there in front of you. Also very positive for me is that I didn't get any frame lock to 60 fps or any tearing or lag to my G sync monitor or Freesync monitor , I use AW3418DW and 34UC88, a lot of games had problems for example the NEW WRC game had a lot of tearing problems and they told me that I had to lock the fps on 60, something about graphics and physics engine... Anyway for me DR2.0 was just open it get 120 fps or less with g sync and works without any problems. I know that there is no Perfect game , and I know a lot of people have different opinion I respect that, But I felt that I own that to Codemasters after all these years I wanted to say thanks for a first time to this development . Please keep that topic with positive posts and what good you all saw compared with older or newer games.
  8. Does this Ultrawide problem has been fixed ?
  9. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    Yeah they fixed color pallet on Greek stages .
  10. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    I have to say THANKS to Codemasters for fixing color pallet on Greek stages.
  11. Tripokaridos

    PC - OSD 21:9 scaling.

    Bottom left is this BLB or IPS glow ?
  12. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    This picture is at Megara 🙂
  13. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    By the way this is how it looks in real life . For me its closer to DR1. (its bright morning) They have to change color palette on DR2 Greek stages in my opinion .
  14. Steam version , Europe also works ok . By the way is it me or they feel way better in DR2.0 ? I can feel the FW power better.
  15. Tripokaridos

    Greece SS DR1 vs DR2.0

    exactly , I feel the same . For me DR2.0 is the best rally game overall so I cant see any other options . Yeah its not a big step up from DR1.0 everyone I think agree on that , The first problems with no road FFB effects , VR , audio cuts etch etch make the people angry , but for me they weight of the car until now is the best I have seen , also the reaction of the car is good for me (most times) All I wanted to see is a better career (rewarding with like giving u something ...extra hidden cars , or mechanic's,or unlock something) They have done great work with the deformation of the road and I like it , But I would love to see Real time weather effects . and MORE MORE animals on the roads like birds, dogs , or something , Greek stages for example look empty :) , I think u know what I mean (we have a lot of birds passing by these trees) and sheeps :) loL.