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  1. Tripokaridos

    GRID the most underrated car game

    I have really good time with all Grid games , but mostly with Grid 2019 to me this was the best of all series , the only problem that i had is that disabling the wheel i cant move the seat position.
  2. Tripokaridos

    Version 1.16 Update Discussion

    Thanks for the update everything works great.
  3. Tripokaridos

    Something is coming closer...

    Real time weather effects would be something amazing in my opinion . But choosing a big variety of weather and time would also be great. Great work Codies for supporting the game.
  4. Tripokaridos

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Yeah thank you , I can see Fov adjustment, but this has to do with the field of view … I dont want to see like a fish 🙂 , what I want is move the camera 🙂 like most games have , Codemasters DR1 + DR2 have that .
  5. Tripokaridos

    Welcome to the new GRID

    φιλε do you know if there is any option or way to move the inside cockpit camera more forward ?
  6. Tripokaridos

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I just bought it on Steam … and wow I didn't expect that after all the negative feeling . For me it has great graphics , weather ,damage etch etch , sounds are nice, menu the same , FFB its basic with also basic options … but waaaaay better than any other simcade that I have played , so its ok for me. Physics are so balanced not so sim not so arcade its so fun to drive and I really want it to take some time off from sim games. Strangely the cars feel that they have weight on them , there is a huge difference from formula to road car...nice even for an not sim game I didn't expect that. But …. all great with Ultrawide support , where is the seat position adjustment ? I turn off the hands and wheel but I cant move the camera forward ??? Is there any Secret option that I cant see ? or there is no option ? I know Dash camera is nice and thanks for that, but I wanted something like DR2.0 cockpit cam without wheel and hands .
  7. Steam version , Europe also works ok . By the way is it me or they feel way better in DR2.0 ? I can feel the FW power better.