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  1. @2Pacalypse my bad XD they wrot F1 2021 on the link, hopefully the true f1 2021 next patch wil fix this soon, this post status has already changed to "upcoming patch"
  2. it seems that the 1.06 patch info is leaked and still no fix for the broken trophy 😕 F1 2021 Update 1.06 Patch Notes (1.006.000) Mercedes car and driver suits updated to the black livery. Fixed an issue in unranked multiplayer where a host disconnection resulted in AI having unrealistic lap times. Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll now wear the correct gloves. Fixed a progression issue in My Team career which could occur after an Invitational event. Fixed a progression issue in My Team career which could occur at the end of a season. The Savan
  3. @BarryBL the 1.05 patch didnt fix the issue, but i see the trophy is now .01% rarety instead of 0.0% it means codies dev fixed it(and synchronised it befor retail players ! 😕 ) but why they didnt unclude the fix in today's patch? whn will this be fixed please
  4. they wrote the changes and fixes of next update already ? any link about 1.05 info buddy ?
  5. Thx BarryBL please let us know as soon as you know about it, this is the only trophy remaining for me and i tryharded too much to be the first platine achiever, it would be a shame to miss it because of this glitch, thx for understanding
  6. still glitched after 1.04 update, hopefully next update will fixe it 😞
  7. no problem buddy, but can you tell if this gonne be fixed on the next update or at anytime, im asking because it is the only remaining trophy for me and i was tryharding since deluxe edtion release to try to be the first platinum achiever (which is very important to me) so any acurate info about when it will be fixed is extremply needed for me thanks for understanding that
  8. yes i'am talking about the playstation Trophy, i got the medal ingame like in previous F1 game's League BUT NOT THE TROPHY, thank for your answer, let me know if you need any further details
  9. it looks like it is the same for everyone i hope it will be fixed on the next update and that it will be for soon hopefully a moderator will tell codies about it
  10. plateforme : PS5/PS4 controller : Dualsense consoles : two ps5 mode : League/online issues: i've done two times a league of 5 races with my wife and nobody of us got the trophy, i made sure the league is over and we recieved both the medal by message, opened up the message but no trophy unlocked unlike pervious F1 games Report Code : VHPX-CKXH-BJTG-BASC
  11. i always buy the deluxe edition of every F1 game but i think this is the last time i do it i mainly do it for the early acces and for trying to get its platine trophy asap on the leaderbord, but each time it is the same issue, people buying the standard edition getting the game befor deluxe edition buyers only because some sellers dont respect the release date, this is really disrespectfull and i'm extremly disspointed about it i love f1 games but this is the last time i buy a deluxe edition unless there is at least 1 week of delay between the two versions i hope Codies will pay
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