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  1. Using in-game frame rate limits will cause stutters and will reduce FPS more than necessary. If you do not limit FPS and use MSI Afterburner, there is no problem (FPS to drop and stutter). Example bench mark <track season="2019" name="melbourne" weather="clear" laps="1" cars="20" camera_mode="pod" /> <No Limit> Min_fps = "136" avg_fps = "149" max_fps = "160 <In Game FPS 141 limit> min_fps = "113" avg_fps = "125" max_fps = "138" <MSI Afterburner FPS 141 limit> min_fps = "131" avg_fps = "139" max_fps = "141" Previously it worked without problems. I don't know when the problem started. If you need a stutter video, record and upload it. Please check the operation. F1 2019 PC 1.18.2 Windows10 Ver.1909 Processor:intel core i5 9400f Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidiagtx1070ti DirectX: Version 11&12
  2. ikura

    F1 '19 Silverstone LB not updating

    I have had the same issue.(PC) Time not updated for all courses. I think it's probably 1.06 patch or later. F1 2019 PC Time Trial Leaderboards not updating