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  1. TCWorks

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    Really struggling with the R&D this year. All my upgrades take so long to come on to my car and Williams have caught up with me. I've improved my marketing to spec 1, and my team acclaim is up to level 10 so I get a fair amount of money coming in every week Is the best strategy to upgrade my facilities and go for multiple minor upgrades or should I save my resource points and just go for the major ones? Appreciate your help.
  2. TCWorks


    Playing MyTeam on Xbox with 25% race distance with safety car on... now at the French GP and yet to see either a virtual or full safety car. I've had cars retire on the track and all I get is yellow flags waved in that sector. Any way to fix this so it actually gives safety cars?
  3. TCWorks

    MyTeam Race Pace

    If I changed the setting from surface & carcus, could that potentially make it easier to drive in the race?
  4. TCWorks

    MyTeam Race Pace

    Thanks for all your replies, however this issue is getting worse for me. I qualified 7th in Canada however on lap 8 I was 22 seconds behind 6th, whilst my teammate who was last was just 7 second behind me. Between us was a long row of cars all within a second of each other. I'm not interested in lowering difficulty as it's just right for qualifying. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Would changing the tyre temperature settings off surface& carcass make it easier to drive the car in race?
  5. TCWorks

    MyTeam Race Pace

    I understand that, but why am I able to qualify as high as 10th but then have absolutely no race pace? It just leaves me 6/7 seconds behind the car Infront whilst all the cars behind me just bunch up and follow in a line
  6. TCWorks

    MyTeam Race Pace

    Hi, Currently 6 races into my first season on MyTeam and am starting to get annoyed. My team is currently joint performance wise with Haas and better than the Williams. I play on 75 difficulty and am able to qualify between 17th to 10th depending on track and how well I drive the lap. However, during the race my car is by far the slowest on the grid and I even struggle to stay Infront of the Williams. What could be the reason for this severe drop in pace during races when compared to qualy and practice? Cheers