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  1. Pete74786

    Setups and settings saga

    Am so glad to hear that it’s not only me who has broken suspension on that corner 😂
  2. Pete74786


    Am referring to rest of field, there seems to always be one that tries to wreck me, and if he misses tries to ambush any other car on the track 🤣
  3. Pete74786


    Bots run off into the grass, where you supposedly meant to lose a lot of speed, and then come at you from the side like a freight train out of control and ram you
  4. Pete74786

    New parts!

    I will swop you my advanced ballasts for your legendary aero 😊
  5. Pete74786

    Hit or be hit? That is the question.

    Are you sure that that car driving wrong way was a “bot”? For e.g if on a grid start if you purposefully aim to push me off the track near start then I WILL u-turn and drive wrong way around track for fun and well IF I happen to wipe you out, then you started it.............LOL.....
  6. Pete74786

    Setups and settings saga

    Great tutorial, but would like to see how much each part is upgraded as I’ve tried using your identical setup but still can’t achieve the speeds and lap times that you are achieving.
  7. Pete74786

    Paying to retry?

    Two points that I want to agree / comment on. Infinite retries - I prefer the new pay to retry as this then limits you from missing 1st corner so hitting retry. On same point, agree it should be more realistic with an out lap and two flying laps with best time of those two laps counting. Point two, pole position time should be set more in line with actual F1 data, e.g they could use last years pole time at each circuit to determine what time we should set, and with that said, I’ve noticed some tracks if you cut corner too far you hit an brick wall. Make that applicable to all tracks she that racers have to stay on track.
  8. Pete74786

    Myth or Real about Legendary box

    I agree with this statement, okay so we have cards that we get in boxes. However I feel that F1 is a strategy, which team has best race setup and strategy on race day, therefore we should be able to select which parts we want to research in each box. I have my preferred setup, however I never seem to get those parts developed in the boxes, I for one keep getting parts to upgrade that I don’t use in any of my 3 setups. Then the game would move from who has the luck of getting parts he is using to who upgrades the right parts.
  9. Pete74786

    Belgium Grand Prix Event

    😑 I didn’t even manage to qualify, will wait for more upgrades and try again
  10. Pete74786

    Reached Elite 1

    Oh, is it not like when you reached each new level that those are rewards for achieving that goal. And then at end each month you get rewards based your position within league?
  11. Pete74786

    Reached Elite 1

    Today I reached the elite league, however at end of that particular duel that I won and pushed my points into the elite league the connection got interrupted, and I never received my rewards, i.e. cards credits etc. I don’t see any method of contacting support, who do I notify about this?
  12. Pete74786

    Development Ideas

    Give more credits and fewer resource points on challenges 😊
  13. Pete74786

    Hi! This is me, Real racer...

    Hi Ros, well ive previously identified myself, and came to forum to shout YAYYYY I finally got a legendary box 😂. Here with a pic of my car with markings so you will know if you are racing an real driver albeit a Sunday one, or an AI Am still working on the ideal setup’s to use to cover the different tracks, once have what I feel works for my driving style will share as well.
  14. Pete74786

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    P.S I see a lot of retries, and working out best,line through corners
  15. Pete74786

    Worlds fastest Austria Grand Prix event

    very nice, congratulations. Lots of hard work and as I said in other thread, development of car is what achieves these results. Your setup so great already that I see you no longer need to upgrade parts