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  1. Pete74786

    Real Racing 3

    Well, haven’t played F1 mobile since changing over. Anyone also moved there, either temporary or permanently can check in MyRealRacing Club forum under topic Facebook linking to my game FB account and can add me then we can set challenges against one another on the time trials. Nice knowing you CM, but it’s now a final goodbye.
  2. Pete74786

    why all the H8?

    Some good evaluations of each games pro’s and cons. And everyone has his/her own opinion on preferences. Im glad that I did go look at RR3 as then I could formulate my own opinion and preference based on actual experience and now gladly don’t have to ***** and moan anymore about trying to play a game that keeps aggravating me, as in my opinion and based on my preferences I strongly feel that the pro’s of racing a F1 car in RR3 far outweigh the pro’s of racing a F1 car in F1 mobile. Will stick around this forum to hear if F1 mobile improves based on overall sentiment of players, however have deleted the app for now. (Space saving on device)
  3. Pete74786

    why all the H8?

    Yes, I read your first post and was going to ask where you got this bit of info from as I definitely haven’t seen the RR3 AI sticking to the racing line, but that they do brake a let you past if you have the line. Glad that you went and looked yourself. As for moaning about spending cash on a game, wouldn’t you agree that the incentive ie what you can gain, by spending cash at RR3 is way higher than what you gain by spending cash on F1 mobile? ie you can actually own a team car with a very low expenditure just for one eg
  4. Pete74786


    Your setup isn’t determined by how many points you are using ie either 1600 or 1100 but rather on which parts you are using, for eg when you setup with 1100 maybe you using more aero and when you setup with 1600 maybe you using more power or brakes both of which are only used on certain tracks and don’t give you much in the handling or aero where you get either cornering advantage or top speed advantage. To explain the areas easiest. Aero = top end speed. Aero = cornering better. Power = acceleration up hills or for brief gain out of corners, useful with Mona for eg. Brakes = no one really uses this as it only improves braking distance and no one has really seen on F1 mobile any gain on being able to brake better. But for a better F1 racing experience go look at RR3
  5. Pete74786

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Yes, it is a lot, no call a spade a spade, tons more engaging and challenging than F1 mobile. Its not just oh okay is that the cards I got, it’s hmmm, okay which area should I upgrade to achieve the goal, engine/bodywork/brakes/tyres. atm my goal is to reach 3rd in race, so I looked at each level of next upgrades and I think that by upgrading my brakes now will lessen my braking distances thereby assist me close gaps to cars in front easier or quicker then it’s just overtake. Yes it’s not perfect, for e.g when I had tyre wear and had to try stay above P5 to reach pit stop, I actually stayed in P1 and think that dropping me to P9 was a tad too much, but then again that is what made it challenging to get back up. So not something I’m going to complain to devs about.
  6. Pete74786

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Plus with small expenditure you can vip a car and then not have waiting times for upgrades or servicing. However at glance that appears to be a cost per car..... so advice would be to choose your preferred team car carefully before vip purchase.
  7. Pete74786

    Wins and Losses

    Haha, maybe then I am a disgruntled postal worker and dont have any qualms about calling a spade a spade. 😂
  8. Pete74786

    Wins and Losses

    I have that same feeling, more pronounced when you going from one tier e.g from Elite 3 to Elite 2 etc. just before you have enough points to make Elite 2 you experience more losses than wins keeping you in Elite 3. Then once you reach Elite 2 again more losses than wins until you finally get well established into Elite 2, then it’s easy sailing until just before going into Elite 1. Not something that we can make videos though to prove what’s happening.
  9. Pete74786

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    It appears that CM hears our grievances, head off and try fix that one bug in the game, however it seems that by doing that they create a new bug. For e.g what i’ve noticed lately is that i’m In a sprint duel against a lower ranked “player” and I lost that duel and had 42 points deducted, however in next and subsequent duels against more or less equal or higher ranked “players” and finishing in some cases with 5 plus seconds lead only receive a measly 26 points for the win? imo we should receive or lose an identical amount of points for either a loss or a win, with the exception of if you win or lose with a lead of x plus seconds then you should lose or gain double points, and if you win or lose with x times 2 then triple points? With x being the factor of for e.g 5 seconds. Would like to hear others input on this suggestion.....
  10. Pete74786

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Edited above.
  11. Pete74786

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    These all sound like some ideas and good ones, so have edited above and included my vote on ones I would like to see.
  12. Pete74786

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Firstly, at first wasn’t too keen to have to provide footage of all the problems we are experiencing with game. But then decided, ok if CM wants video then I will record every duel in case an incident happens of any of the multitude of complaints that we have previously mentioned. This footage was not my best lap 😁 however does show how the “bots” slow down way too much on cornering, causing you, the player, to inevitably ram him from behind. If bots can overtake even if we have a perfect start then they should be able to corner quicker than they clearly are. https://streamable.com/yvpa4
  13. Pete74786

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Well that s..., now we have to sit and have screen recorder running permanently while we play the game. Just imagine how quickly our available storage space is going to get used up.
  14. Pete74786

    F1 2019 Anniversary vs Standard

    This is the forum for F1 mobile, 😀 maybe there someone who also plays on PS, but most here are playing on iOS