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  1. Pete74786

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Firstly, at first wasn’t too keen to have to provide footage of all the problems we are experiencing with game. But then decided, ok if CM wants video then I will record every duel in case an incident happens of any of the multitude of complaints that we have previously mentioned. This footage was not my best lap 😁 however does show how the “bots” slow down way too much on cornering, causing you, the player, to inevitably ram him from behind. If bots can overtake even if we have a perfect start then they should be able to corner quicker than they clearly are. https://streamable.com/yvpa4
  2. Pete74786

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Well that s..., now we have to sit and have screen recorder running permanently while we play the game. Just imagine how quickly our available storage space is going to get used up.
  3. Pete74786

    F1 2019 Anniversary vs Standard

    This is the forum for F1 mobile, 😀 maybe there someone who also plays on PS, but most here are playing on iOS
  4. Pete74786

    Off season

    p.s. My thoughts on duels is that a duel should consist of a 2-3 lap quali followed by a 3 lap grid or sprint start with the quali determining who has pole position.
  5. Pete74786

    Off season

    I asked a similar question regarding the 2020 version, ie will there be one, will this version update or do we have to watch for new version etc etc. That went unanswered, so guessing this one will also be unanswered. But just like Zaius I would also like to know what are the plans, will we even get the new version car prior to start, will our current collected parts remain or will we have to start from scratch on building a car that is competitive? Many questions, let’s hope we actually get answers
  6. Pete74786

    So you know if ....

    Saw your car name in other post...... if you on pole I think I will just slow down to get into the clean air 😂😂 just joking
  7. Pete74786

    So you know if ....

    Not so sure if the bots have any sanity yet as I just watched one ram into wall at start of Hockenheim in quali mode 🤣
  8. Pete74786

    Events - points calculation

    🙂 that would be great if all fields were included as you plan to do, and then the more people who access and load their parts then it would facilitate you building the library of all available parts, the other option would to then also include what each parts lvl is so that you could see the increase in attributes from lvl 1 to lvl2 etc.
  9. Pete74786

    Events - points calculation

    Awesome, I see you updated the app and now it’s explanatory. I tried with every single part I have available, but it crashed 🤔. Then only used parts that have aero and it gave a suggestion of which parts to use, it suggested one part “brake ducts” that normally I wouldn’t use as I steer away from any form of braking, but will test with the suggested setup and give some feedback on whether I’m setting new PB’s.
  10. Pete74786

    Events - points calculation

    Could you give us some screen shot examples of how to go about this. For e.g what do we fill in at “equipments car size” Will it always show same picture when adding a part? And what do we fill in at “size” field.
  11. Pete74786

    Events - points calculation

    Nice, but how do we search the different parts, when I tap add it keeps adding the same part. Plus can we input all 20 or 30 of our parts and will it tell us which 8 of the 20 we have to use?
  12. Pete74786

    Introducing @CMF1Mobile

    I mainly play now for the amusement value, as such I enter duel it says “grid start” or “sprint race”.... oops just closed the game I promise it was an accident. Duel says “qualifying” oh great let me race because I have at least a 50% chance of winning. If I enter event, and am not placed 1st on grid, oh forget racing will never get past all those crazy drivers on the track so why bother. Now I hope you can see that although I am obviously also frustrated at your wacky sense of programming, I still have my sense of humor to carry on playing, but if you think I am going to pay you for creating this game, then obviously it’s you who has a screw loose..... 😂🤣🤣😂 Oh stop making me laugh I’m gonna pee my pants.
  13. Pete74786


    This bigger, side swiped me. Lol..... So I did my usual, went wrong way around track and waited for him to come flying around a high speed corner and WHAM hit him head on and wiped him out, then went on to complete race and collect my WIN........ 😂😂😂
  14. Pete74786

    Invisible Walls

    Yes that was implemented about 3 updates ago. I used to get caught there often 😂
  15. Pete74786

    Introducing @CMF1Mobile

    I agree with Dr Zaius. Just took part in a sprint duel and immediately after crossing start line opponent {Ai or other} immediately swerved sharply to right and tried to ram me into wall, in this isolated case he missed, {only because I tapped my brakes} and he wiped out in the wall, leaving me to complete the race. However, once again quite probably due to me avoiding the bumper car, I didn’t receive my race win points and the distance travelled didn’t count towards the challenge of driving 70km.