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  1. Simmerstyle

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 Bug-Reporting Thread

    Not a bug, more an issue, the co-driver text at the end of each stage should be made more actual, now sometimes he talks about doing stuff at the next service after you finished the last stage of an event, saying it felt good when driving a horrible time, etc. So it's nice to have a text after a stage, but if it totally makes no sense it makes it looks stupid
  2. Simmerstyle

    Night stages

    Exact, don't think at WRC championship they drive at night, at other rallies they might drive in dark...but then it's in the evening, not at 3am in the morning....
  3. Simmerstyle

    Night stages

    No problem with dusk, also not with night, but 2 stages out of 8 and with no service before stage is getting annoying in carreer mode. There should be an option to have no night in carreer or they should do it more random, so instead of each event 1 or 2 night do some events without.
  4. Simmerstyle

    Night stages

    Are there more people who prefer to have events in career mode without night stages? First of all i don't think many WRC stages are driven in the middle of the night so why at every event out of 6/9 stages you have to drive 1 or 2 in night? Besides that it's frustrating to retire a event just because of the lights are smashed at the earleir stage and no repair between the stages. Lights are the first thing that go off when making a mistake and it's a pity the next stage you only see black and have to retire. And it's just nicer to drive at daylights / sunset / dusk so you can see the enviroment Personaly i would prefer that people can choose if they want night stages or not, just like you can choose hardcore damage or not.