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  1. To bad, like with games like FIFA it won't get outdated specially with new content coming, but at least you can build further on the content released for the next Dirt version, like with dirt 2.0 upgrade the old tracks and release a few new. Scotland is lovely, only next time develop the track when trees are't cut and lay at the roadsides and when stumps and rocks are removed or marked with big flags instead of hidden under the bush Such a pity, the moment you're brain is still in progress with did i hear: rocks inside and at the same time you notice you're inside... I've sta
  2. Now let's wait until they announce: something is coming this Summer
  3. Most likely when season 4 ending they announce, like they did with season 3 and 4 at the end of season 2. And since they are talking about year 1 with gamepass that only nakes sense if theres also a year 2
  4. Maybe they used the time between release and 2nd year to make some new locations while releasing the old ones from DR1 in the meantime since i guess updating those is easier than create whole new location. And also for future DR games making new locations make sense since just like with DR2 they updated the DR1 locations they can also do it in future with the locations of DR2. With doing that the game keeps alive and they can keep it fresh for years, until the next gen consoles are there.
  5. With such teasers they better should bring something good, so not just a few cars, but a new season with some new locations, like season 1. If not teasing like this is useless, since it will disappoint people in the end
  6. Just done the new weekly challenge at Greece, overall not that difficult location, except that one point where you fly into a cliff 😁
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