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  1. Tracks accuracy 🙌❤️ Spa really needs a rework oh my god ! I really hope Codemasters will improve this area by now
  2. With my suggestions, F1 should easily reach 100% 😉 Let's keep focus on those suggestions I made and not this obvious joke, even though, even when you're the best, you can still learn from others.
  3. Through my experience of playing F1 games and other racing games, here is what I think should be improved in F1 games and why so. - Tracks accuracy : This is probably the predominant thing I have to say about F1 games, the tracks are not accurate. Curbs, elevations, run-off area, all those things don't match with reality and it's a shame. Codemasters should really start laser scanning most tracks they can cause it add so much immersion. - Physics between the car and the track : This joins the previous point, and is also an important point about F1 games, it just feels like the cars c
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