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  1. AltragF1

    Things to look into for F1 2021

    Tracks accuracy 🙌❤️ Spa really needs a rework oh my god ! I really hope Codemasters will improve this area by now
  2. AltragF1

    Things I think should be improve

    With my suggestions, F1 should easily reach 100% 😉 Let's keep focus on those suggestions I made and not this obvious joke, even though, even when you're the best, you can still learn from others.
  3. Through my experience of playing F1 games and other racing games, here is what I think should be improved in F1 games and why so. - Tracks accuracy : This is probably the predominant thing I have to say about F1 games, the tracks are not accurate. Curbs, elevations, run-off area, all those things don't match with reality and it's a shame. Codemasters should really start laser scanning most tracks they can cause it add so much immersion. - Physics between the car and the track : This joins the previous point, and is also an important point about F1 games, it just feels like the cars can go over anything and nothing will get damaged or you won't lose the car. For example, you can basically run over most curbs, brake on it, and you won't get punished for it, you won't even feel it. Same when you go over grass, you don't lose that much grip. Also, a lot of curbs are flat which is not real. And this comes in relation with the previous point about track accuracy, if you have both track accuracy and realistic relation between the car and the ground, it would already make F1 games so much more immersive when it comes to driving. For example, you couldn't be able to run over a sausage curb. We need to feel that F1 cars are fragiles and not 4x4 Jeep. - Tracks limits : in most motorsports, the tracks limits are the red and white curbs, not the white lines, so that should be easily fixed. Here again, we need a good track accuracy to get good tracks limits. In reality, all those curbs are made considering those rules, so it has to be replicated in games too, Codemasters have to work more on tracks limits than just limiting it to white lines. Also, if the tracks were accurate and if the physics were a bit more punishing about curbs, players wouldn't abuse it anymore. - Rain physics : big default of rain physics are, in my opinion, that there's no second trajectory due to the fact that the main trajectory which is rubbered is more slippery. And when it stopped raining, there's no dry line. If both of these features are added, it would make the rain races a lot more interesting. Details now : - A chat in online would be appreciated, in the lobby as in the race itself. - When the safety car comes in, we shouldn't be slowed down when the AI judge we're too close, at least, the limit should be further, cause you can see in reality, like in Austria this year, it was pretty close between Bottas and the SC. - AI doens't really care about blue flags in qualifying. Also, the AI should put distance between cars before their fast laps. - Flat spots should be implemented to the game - Manual control in pit. - I think the tyres should last longer, don't think it's possible to follow the real life 1 stop strategy in the game. - Marbles should affect the grip Advice for Codemasters developpers : steal ideas to Assetto Corsa Competizione Thanks for reading.