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  1. AltragF1

    G29 Not working

    Update : Today, I've tested a new solution, more stable than changing the binary code of the wheel or whatever it was. So I went back on the 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 code, then tested my wheel on F1 to see if it was magically working, obviously it wasn't, so here is what I did from that : (!!!Always use a USB 2.0 plug to connect the steering wheel!!!) 1) Uninstall Logitech Gaming Software using geek uninstaller 2) Access the Game Controllers test page in Windows: - Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers - Find the G29 controller - Right click > Choose "Game controller settings" > Properties > Test > You can now test and calibrate G29 manually (I tried to test it and calibrate it but it was way too complicated langage for me so I just went on > settings (left of "test") and I reset it) - Now disconnect the wheel 3) Install the !!!GHub!!!, no the Logitech Gaming Software. https://support.logi.com/hc/fr-be/articles/360025298133-Logitech-G-HUB 4) When GHub is running, connect your G29 (USB 2.0), set the profile as default if it's not 5) Normally, everything should be good again My conclusion is that I don't know if it's the step 2) or 3) that made the difference. As I had already tested GHub and it was not wirking, I guess it's the 2) but we never know so I would advice you to stay anyway on Ghub and not LGS anymore. I hope it will be working for you guys, if not, it's at least one more solution on the internet to this damn problem
  2. AltragF1

    G29 Not working

    Okay, so I used that https://steamcommunity.com/app/737800/discussions/0/1733210552686272214/ and it solved the problem.. Though, the wheel is still not feeling like before in my opinion. I mean, it feel quite stiff compare to before so yeah, it's better but still very strange problem
  3. AltragF1

    G29 Not working

  4. AltragF1

    G29 Not working

    I did.. I also tried to uninstall PCars 2 then F1 2019 to see if ACC was working and it wasn't. I used Geek to uninstall lgs, and still nothing worked. I feel so lost, like, nothing is working and I still don't know where the problem really come from
  5. AltragF1

    G29 Not working

    Hello, So, few days ago, I got this problem with my G29 : I opened Project Cars 2 to play and I found out that my accelerator was my clutch and that my FFB wasn't working anymore. Then I tried on Assetto Corsa Competizione and F1 2019, and there was the same problem. So I went on Codemasters forums to find a solution. Tried everything : uninstalled completely lgs then reinstall it, get a new G29, etc... Nothing working.. Please help.....
  6. So, here are some details I was thinking about and that could be progressively added to game during the next years. Some are really little details but I found it fun to list it all and after all, details are what makes a great game. Feel free to add some details you also would like to see in the futures F1 games ! 😄 Track marshals getting the DNF cars out of the track Dry line after wet (like Canada 2011 or Germany 2019) Red Flag Manual Pit Stop Cool-down lap after the race Medical car at the start behind the grid Guy crossing the track and waving green flag at the start behind the cars Slow Puncture Track marshals cleaning the track after incidents Start under safety car Cars blocked in gravel when they go out of the track EXACT TV Offset Official teams HUD for racing wheel Teams staffs on each side of the track at the start of the formation lap and they crossed the track back to the pits when all the cars have started (if a car can’t start, they open the pit lane and try to get the car to start from pit lane) Start from pit lane Aqua-planning like Germany 2019 Team staff cheering at the pit window at the end of a race TV guys in the paddocks even during race (CAREER MODE AND RACE WEEKEND) After the cool-down lap in qualifying and race, we get the cars to P1, 2 or 3, and then we get interview from Coulthard or Button or Di Resta (For Career only). If we didn’t make P1, 2 or 3, we go back to the parking in the pit lane. Team staff taking care of the car after cool down lap in qualifying or race Brakes burning when you didn’t cool them down See the marble on the tires Blistering/Graining Flatspot and vibrations Curbs damaging the floor of the car at some point or the front wing Rear wing destroyed when a car hits it Track marshals waving all their flags on the track during cool down lap More debris on the track when incidents Driver getting out of their car when DNF Tracks identical to reality (a bit like Assetto Corsa does)
  7. Well, here is a problem I see not everyone has. (My computer has an i5 6500 and a GTX 1060 and my game is in medium video settings) So basically, at first, I had many issues all the time around Bahrain and Germany when driving in multiplayer around those tracks. When driving, i get some freeze which make me lose around 2 seconds per lap, quite frustrating when you're trying to be competitive. All the other tracks are totally fine for me, no lags, no freeze, perfect experience. So I was thinking that the problem was only related to multiplayer. But playing a 50% race in Germany, I noticed that I had the same freeze in solo mode, but this time the freezes don't make me lose time, it's just annoying. The problem is then not due to my graphic card, and not my connection as well, I always have 5(4?) green bars. I think the problem is then due to a bad optimization of Bahrain and Germany. Last point, I'm running in the latest graphics drivers.
  8. Here are the curbs of some tracks that deserve and should be updated as you are the official F1 game, thank you : Azerbaijan : all the curbs are pretty wrong Spain : Details but if you watch carefully each corner Monaco : The curbs need to be harder and higher so we can't run over it like there's nothing. The relief is also sometimes not accurate (like turn 5), finally, turn 8 has changed and is back to the previous layout, pls fix Canada : Turn 8, 9, 12 and 13, the sausage curbs should be way higher, watch reality.. Also exit of turn 9, there's no grass along side the curb, it's really important Austria : Obviously the curbs are way wilder in reality than in your game where the are so sweet, pls make those sausage curbs dirty again Silverstone : Well, if you look closely, the curbs are not really accurate in the game but it's okay, just exit of turn 7 and 15 should be updated, and the curb of corner 14 and 17 also Germany : mostly exit of turn first and last turns I guess Belgium : every single curb on the track need to be changed but those are the one that shock me all the time : exit of La source, Les combes, Bruxelles, Turn 11 which you can call "Jacky Ickx", Pouhon is horrible, pif paf as well, Stavelot of course, and finally blanchimont which also in real life as no grass at the exit of turn 17 and finally la source is horrible too, pls FIX SPA FIX SPA Italy : the curbs are also harder at some points like turn 3, 7 and 8 The rest is fine A last thing I would like to tell you is that the curbs are so important in F1 and that's why you should give lot of importance to it, just like the quality of the track, look at Austria and the curbs destroying cars, or Germany last weekend, the 2 last corners, I mean the ground of the F1 cars is pretty sensible to all the curbs and I would like to feel it in your game, it would also fix the fact that some people cut corners just cause our F1 cars seems like 4x4 when it comes to go over sausage curbs in F1 2019 Thank you for reading, bye bye
  9. Here is some things that I've noticed and that tilted me a lot through this month of playing F1 2019 multiplayer : 1) When it says "in lobby" but they are in race already 2) Lags that are caused by the game and make me loose 1 second a lap on specifics track like Bahrain or Germany (I'm sure it's not my connection) 3) This one is minor but it's when the cars are on the grid and the driver behind you has his head in the air 4) This is not a bug, this is just that we can't just disable the sound from people in lobby in the option menu 5) Also, as soon as someone talks in the lobby, it reduce the sound of every other applications running on the computer and I've not seen any options in the menu for that 6) Game freezing then crashing during races 7) Penalty system as always need to get way way way way better (ex: A dirty driver doesn't brake and hit me in the rear while I'm turning, I get the penalty ; I overtake two guys who are stopped on the track cause they crashed and get illegal overtake ; I put 4 wheels out of the track turn 1 in Austria and get a 2 second penalty without having any avertissement before,...) 8) At the end of a ranked race, we never get to the results and the cars keep going around the track for life 8) Safety car deciding to do the whole race with the players as soon as she's out on the track (and you can overtake it without getting any penaltys) 9) The cars of people who leave the sessions does stay on the track (they get a red cross along side the name) and they are very slow and dangerous, basically, cars of leaver are dirty, so the best would just be to delete the cars of leaver pls 10) I just say it a second time because its what tilt me the most, the lags around Germany and Bahrain drives me crazy, so please FIX