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  1. will54

    DRS zones Germany, Singapore and Mexico

    ok, you have a license from F1 to produce this game so why not contact them before the season and request the DRS zones that will be used along with a request to be advised if any are changed during the season
  2. 1/ Hate the exit .....when I want to exit just the one end session and confirmation needed....I dont want to cycle back to the start screen and select exit again. I just want to exit and at the most ONE confirmation yes/no 2/ A good online manual that goes into depth
  3. will54

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    nah, worth every cent I spent on it ... ok, I got it for $1 with a wheel but I use it for fun and mainly TT's for the track of the current F1 weekend
  4. Ola estava na corrida do Barein, ao final dela estava em segundo e meu companheiro de equipe em primeiro, quando cruzamos a linha de chegada o meu companheiro foi para ultimo com uma volta atrás e não ouve punição. Eu estou na Racing Point.

  5. will54

    F1 update kills F1

    The latest update means no image appears when I go driving in a Time Trial..........the lights appears ie the red ones that count down to your having control but then you have a black screen but the sound effects are there but just black instead of the picture