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  1. yes, PC and its sad there is not a manual .....
  2. Have a Simucube Pro 2 wheel and after a lot of problems have managed to get Calibration to accept turn left/right ( changed setting to 360 as it appears F1 times out ). So next step is to try and figure out how to quit the game so ended up making it a windowed window so I can click in the task bar. Now I can drive and get to the garage how do I get into setups? Is there a manual available that I can download somewhere?
  3. Ola estava na corrida do Barein, ao final dela estava em segundo e meu companheiro de equipe em primeiro, quando cruzamos a linha de chegada o meu companheiro foi para ultimo com uma volta atrás e não ouve punição. Eu estou na Racing Point.

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