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  1. will54

    DRS zones Germany, Singapore and Mexico

    ok, you have a license from F1 to produce this game so why not contact them before the season and request the DRS zones that will be used along with a request to be advised if any are changed during the season
  2. 1/ Hate the exit .....when I want to exit just the one end session and confirmation needed....I dont want to cycle back to the start screen and select exit again. I just want to exit and at the most ONE confirmation yes/no 2/ A good online manual that goes into depth
  3. will54

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    nah, worth every cent I spent on it ... ok, I got it for $1 with a wheel but I use it for fun and mainly TT's for the track of the current F1 weekend
  4. will54

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    that one corner at Monaco were basically you have to stop just makes it not fun to drive............would love to drive it in a smaller nimble open wheeler like the Pro Mazda from iRacing Singapore after you learn it is fun to drive but dont like US circuit ( this weeks )
  5. will54

    Bite-point mode Fanatec McLaren wheel

    yes but they dont work............I just use it as a manual clutch for starts They did work in iRacing but then some upgrade ruined that but that was 3 months ago also had the McLaren and really liked it but it kept failing in gear changes so after 2 failures got money back
  6. will54

    Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Aero - Question

    or get the DRS zones correct
  7. will54

    Rename downforce

    nah, was replying to Rossi So many settings need better explaining in more simple explaination with maybe a simple case of benifits /negatives added ie. benefits : more speed negatives: lose time in corners
  8. Ola estava na corrida do Barein, ao final dela estava em segundo e meu companheiro de equipe em primeiro, quando cruzamos a linha de chegada o meu companheiro foi para ultimo com uma volta atrás e não ouve punição. Eu estou na Racing Point.

  9. will54

    Rename downforce

    Disagree.......some of the "help"for settings about as useful as a boil on the butt
  10. will54

    Cat has your tongue?

    Have not seen a game called Ültimarte Edition"but will stay clear after reading your post🧞‍♀️
  11. will54

    Singapore and DRS

    I have just started on F1 and mostly race the track the real life boys are on. This weeks its Singapore and I see they have 3 DRS zones in the real F1. Now as this is F1@2019 its a bit sad that Codemasters is really behind the ball as the best I can see is that the F1 game only has 2 DRS zones. Now speaking of DRS I have no idea on how it works in F1@2109 ....I have assigned it a button and am sure that you have to activate it after you pass the start of the DRS zone but do you have to turn it off or does it shut off automatically ?. I am starting to gain a real appreciation of how good the F1 drivers are with all the buttons they have to press as well as drive...only takes a blink of the eye and I am into a wall
  12. will54

    F1 update kills F1

    The latest update means no image appears when I go driving in a Time Trial..........the lights appears ie the red ones that count down to your having control but then you have a black screen but the sound effects are there but just black instead of the picture