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  1. Arekjuve

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Do you have this issue on all platforms? maybe they don’t fix it because it is only on ps4?
  2. Arekjuve

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Hi guys and girls, I have the same issue. In first season everything was normal and my development was slightly better than of the other teams because of the results I delivered. Than the transfers started In season 2 and mclaren, toro rosso and alfa romeo boosted from midfield up to top teams within few races. It seemed strange to mee because the development was so big that my big updates were nothing compared to them. It was frustrating but I kept playing the season to the end hoping in season 3 it will get to normal but it is even worse. You cannot keep up the pace of development no matter how good you are driving and achieve the goals. There must be something wrong.