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  1. 0chso

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    Thanks for your interest. PJTierney with note to point 1 - Its not really the settings being greyed out thats the issue - ( as explained by caerphoto) it is the code that is no doubt needed to actually produce the feedback effectfor wheel users . ( well for me anyhoo) Again thanks
  2. 0chso

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    Just to clarify : PC user ( Not as young as I was once) Preferred / only view point : Behind the wheel (visible) Controllers used : G920 & TS-PC ( sparco wheel) For me the FFB is Exceptionaly poor : Everything seems to stem from Austalia & Argentina as the base bench then digitially dialled down for every other stage / map - effects wise. TBh there is more to ffb than bumps and jolts. And by effect for example I mean suspension rattle. Shame as the track graphics dont align with what is happening through the wheel. As for being able to "feel" the front wheels slip and bite ie the FFB wheel should go lighter as there is less/ no friction coming from the car wheels. Then as each tyre begins to regain grip ( and lose it) that feedback should be fed back to the driver - sadly not present in any way shape or form for this title. Asphalt - is unfortunately laughably poor in every department . Rfactor 2 has that in abundance a very good tyre and suspension physics and models Even AC, ACC and the Project variations give the impression of grip and tyres and weight. If you could get even to 25% of them then overall the experience would be improved ten fold. If you ( CM) honestly believe that the FFB is even adequate then maybein my opinion your next titles should be just left to consoles. Regards 0chso