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  1. MisterX

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    That would probably the best we can hope for for F1 2019. For me the best option would be to have three options: 1 No driver transfers 2 Only driver transfers at the end of season/ before start new season 3 Driver transfers mid season and at thw end of season/ before start season When the driver transfers at the end of season/ before start of season are more realistic and would not happen too often I would be happy to choose option 2. But I guess it will be too much work to change that for F1 2019. So the most simple solution to implement would be to simply toggle it on or off.
  2. MisterX

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    It is becoming very disrespectful from Codemasters. They read my question, merge it with another thread, but don't answer the question! How hard is it to tell if there is a possibilty they patch it or not? If they already know it won't be patched just say it! No is also an anwer. But do not ignore or disrespect your customers. This way it would be better if another publisher gets the f1 licence.
  3. MisterX

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    I don't have to explain what the issues are with driver transfers. Frustration is mounting because questions are not answered on this forum. For me is is simple. If this question is not anwered soon I will skip F1 2019 en F1 2020. Don't want to give money to a company which treats their customers this way.
  4. MisterX

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    You have too wait for F1 2020 or F1 2021. When they do not answer a question the answer is no.
  5. I have seen Faya react to different questions on the forum lateley (keyboard support Xbox) so I try once more to get mine and a lot of others people question answered. Will something be done about silly mid season transfers and the frequency of driver changes. In my o poinion it should not happen that a driver fighting for the championship moves midseason to another team. I would like an option to disable mid season transfers. For me the current state is a gamebreaker and stopping me from buying this years game. Apart from F1 2015 I have bought all the previous games. Some information about if they are looking to change it would be appreciated.
  6. @Faya When will you comment on the problems with the driver transfers? Pretty stupid in my opinion to say nothing about it when ther are so many topics and remarks in this forum. People stop playing the game or have not bought it yet because of this issue. You react to questions about the Gasly- Albon switch but that should not be the priority to fix. There are a lot more game breaking problems if you read the posts in this forum. Most mentioned problems are - Driver transfers - AI to quick in wet - Acceleration of AI is to good or/ and always spot on which is not realistic. Why is it not possible to comment on these issues????