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  1. bassnijder

    1.08 patch available on PS4

    yeah on PC to... wait for it.. it can take up to an hour to post it all.. patch just released so
  2. bassnijder

    Very unhappy with patch 1.07

    What i have noticed is that the DX11 version will max out your GPU... But if you use DX12 then it will use your CPU instead of the video card.. i dont know if that is correct ?
  3. bassnijder

    Patch 1.07

    Its now ready!! and yes im unbanned... nice work 🙂
  4. I was playing yesterday in a private session with some friends... we did a full qualifying but i got a crash during the start of the race... I was playing on the DX11 version... After that crash i tried to join a multiplayer session and now it says that i am banned for cheating.. how is this possible ? If i restart the game in DX12 i can play multiplayer aggain but when i do the event no data has been saved,,, and now its locked for me.. Can u please unban me ? This is the weirdest thing i ever experienced.. And yeah i have tried every fix there is on the forums... but nothing is working.. Best Regards Bas Snijder, Steamname : BoomIsRacing www.twitch.tv/boomisracing