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  1. Has this been acknowledged? Will it be fixed?
  2. chen255


    Probably a good thing. I think they have been overdone these last few years. The games have always sparked more than real f1.
  3. Thank goodness this puts an end to this ridiculous request.
  4. I play Dirt Rally 2 on a controller, it’s absolutely fine though I had to do some tweaking in the settings for it to handle to my liking on tarmac. I had to do the same on the original too.
  5. I thought the top picture was real at first!
  6. This would be a major screw up if true! Hopefully not happening offline/sp which is the only way I play.
  7. If I buy a PS4 & Project Cars, then no, because I will commit to next gen by selling my Xbox360 & games. However, if Project Cars is no good, then I will put off buying a PS4 indefinitely, & will have a close look at replacing F12013 with F12014, depending on reviews, opinions & any glaring bugs. Other than that, I believe with the new cars & rules it is certainly worth the upgrade, despite what others are saying about a lack of features such as classic mode etc, which doesn't really bother me because I stick to the core game mostly.
  8. There have been a few discussions about F12014 steering wheels being mostly the same across the different F1 teams, confirmed by several on board screen shots, but can anyone confirm if the steering wheels were mostly the same in F12013, or did each team have the authentic steering wheel ingame? If they had the correct ones in last years title, it would seem to be a slack backward step for this year not to do the same. However, if not, then it's just business as usual & not a huge problem.
  9. I agree about the grid sizes. Also, there should be the option to save so we don't have to do a custom series in one sitting.
  10. This is why I never race online. SP only for me with racing games, I'd rather race the ai than online idiots.
  11. Thank-you very much TUSMBOX for directing me to the Codemasters damage blog. I can see now that the gearbox damage is correctly implemented as planned (though perhaps a little too sensitive!) & am completely satisfied with it now. Also the damage system as a whole is very cool! I have noticed my brakes squeeling & taking longer distances to slow me down later in the race, which I am loving. So much Kudos to you CM for the great damage system in GAS, & I entirely & without reservation withdraw my comments about patching or removing the gearbox dam
  12. Hyphy said: Manual shifting via paddle shifters, and I've never experienced any gearbox damage unless I've been rammed into a wall. Normal play never had an issue. With an auto you are going to overrev when you get into a slide or drifting on a corner. I drive the manual gearbox on Xbox360. I wonder if the people saying they have no issues are checking with the engineer, because if you do so regularly, particularly near the end of a race, then you will most likely find that he says its damaged. You may also notice the sound of the gearchange as being louder, Sometimes you will lose a gear
  13. Wonder if CM will patch this because gearbox damage seems to happen no matter how carefully you drive. This is not "authentic" Please fix this problem CM!
  14. To be fair CM have never been cagey about this. They have always stated X many tracks with X many layouts.
  15. Well one of my favourite and most used tracks is Red Bull Ring North Reversed so I can't really complain.
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