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  1. chen255

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    I liked the demo so much that I purchased the game! Not only that, but it was 70% off retail price on the PS Store. Still have to finish 2017 before I move onto 2019 though so I am binge playing 2017 to complete the season, 6 races down, 14 to go.
  2. chen255

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    Have they fixed the ride heights of the Fabia R5 and the 206 RX yet?
  3. The ers lights don’t blink at all on lap 1 in F12019
  4. chen255


    Thanks for the replies. Regarding watching replays, I always do and the thought that I would have to watch this over the top pyrotechnic display is very off putting to me, so much that it is one of the reasons I haven't purchased F12019. I've seen Youtubers playing and the continual sparks from the player car is a real eyesore and very unrealistic because it barely stops doing it.
  5. chen255


    Can the sparks be toned down on the players car with an update please Codies? If not, how about for next years game because atm it is way too much.
  6. chen255

    Codemasters New Contract with F1 !!!

    So you’re set then. No need to worry yourself about the codies F1 series because you have PCars👍
  7. chen255

    Codemasters New Contract with F1 !!!

    Project Cars has a generic formula one type car, perhaps you would be happier there.
  8. I’ve noticed when watching YouTubers play that the ers lights do not flash on the first lap in dry conditions which is kind of weird, because irl I can see them flashing on lap 1 and I own F12017 and they do in that game on lap 1 too.
  9. chen255

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    I thought the top picture was real at first!
  10. chen255

    ERS Light

    It doesn't blink on lap 1.
  11. chen255

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    Same here. I skipped last year and looks like I’ll be giving 2019 a miss too. There is a possibility that CM will sort it out with future patches but I’m not holding my breath.
  12. chen255

    No ERS lights on first lap

    They do in F1 2017 and irl (just checked race highlights of a 2019 Grand Prix).
  13. I have noticed that the ERS lights don’t seem to blink on the first lap. Wierd.
  14. chen255

    Enough is enough CM

    So what's it going to be next year guys? Same again, purchasing before ensuring the game is up to your standards? You know codemasters reputation for buggy f1 games but you all buy at full price, by preorder, on release day or soon after. I dont understand you. I still haven't purchased this years game and wont unless I'm happy that cm have got the game into a state that I'm ok with. I didnt buy last years game either. The power resides with your wallet. You are making yourselves miserable.
  15. chen255


    Goodbye and best wishes to you for your future, thanks for your engagement with this community.