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  1. Again, Project Cars managed it. You can shift whith the pedals and use lsb and rsb for other things. I know that my english is not so good, i apologize if it is to Hard to read it @DaleRossi . The fact is, that you can use both together in other games where it is implemented in xbox one from the Developer Site in the game. And also it is a fact that the new fanatec f1 wheel for the playstation 4 doesn't use all buttons and switches like for PC.
  2. That is codemaster's fault, Project Cars has got managed it. Not Microsoft's fault when codemaster can not manage it after 1 year past of the Patch from Microsoft to asign the Buttons to wheels. The Quote bis me is wrong, i want to reply on @DaleRossi. His answer is stupid, because you can asign the lsb and rsb buttons on xbox, when you will. Codemaster will not be as also the fanatec f1 PS 4 Version doesn't work properly with all his buttons and switches on ps4 like expected
  3. Mav7442

    Logitech G920 Lsb Rsb Support [SG]

    This issue should go away whith the right Coders, Project Cars has managed it, Codemaster not. What a shame for Codemaster. Tell the Coders @Faya that this can be fixed on xbox an that they can fix all the Bugs on the xbox one.
  4. Mav7442

    F1 2019 | TIME TRIAL BUG

    Same issue on Xbox one X
  5. Mav7442

    Xbox Time Trial

    Same Problem here on the Xbox One X @Faya