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  1. ScreamLite

    Any rookie Xbox leagues

    I don’t use all the assists, but I’m looking to clear the league achievement. League is YHC, short circuits, one shot quali.
  2. I’m hoping that the customisation options are good, I’d be looking at setting up someone like Minardi for underdog glory or actually giving Lola a full season rather than one measly GP!
  3. Good news here @Hoo, at least for those players still trying to get the Pure Gold. Will this patch address the lvl 50 issue for those of us who have passed Bronze 49? I know it’s a different thread, but I’ve been keenly following this. Managed to just about squeeze in to Pure Gold in the end!
  4. Finally managed to get this achievement with what can only be described as an immense amount of luck for my final few points. Now I just need the Lvl 50 bug fixed because I don’t think I can keep playing online to do another 20-odd levels on silver, especially when my achievement tracker shows that achievement at 98%. @Faya and @Hoo, will there be a patch for those of us who passed Bronze 49 before update 1.07 so we get the lvl 50 achievement?!
  5. Pretty sure I was in the lobby, froze on the grid and wouldn’t start so jumped out of the game, lost 100. It’s garbage!
  6. @Hoo I’d also like to join the list of people not too happy about the rating system. Xbox One, tag HeatherEmilie, I’ve also commented on the Lvl 50 bug. I can play for hours, get close to what I think is the gold barrier at 2000 points, leave the game and come back the next day to find I’ve lost nearly 100 points. Today, while a race was loading, one of the other players was stuck so the race didn’t pass the load screen. Quit out of the game at 1910 points. Came back to the game to see I had 1544 points! I’m not sure why that reduced so much, but it’s hard enough getting close to gold only to have the points taken away without any warning. I’d like some form of explanation as to why and how this system works based on other drivers etc. I try to be fair but get penalised for “causing an accident” when I’ve locked up or worse still, been minding my own business trying to pass someone who locks up or isn’t giving fair space. It’s making it real hard to want to keep playing a game I was so looking forward to.
  7. @Hoo I’ve also had the patch and completed some ranked races and no achievement on Xbox One. I was also stuck loading a race, quit out the game to be able to keep playing and lost 400 ranking points! How is that even possible?! I should add I’m currently silver lvl 8 and the gamer tag is HeatherEmilie rather than ScreamLite for various boring reasons.