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  1. What a great friend! I've played a lot of games with the guys here at my house, lots of hours of fun. I hope you enjoy
  2. Hi friend, your problem really looks a lot like ours, everything suggests that we had a problem in the recognition of P1 and P2. The problem is that I don't have a PS4 to try to help you with that 😕
  3. @AyushShukla27 Follow these steps, too: 1. In Steam click Settings > Control > General Settings. 2. Select the following options: "Enable Xbox Controls Settings" and "Enable Generic Controls Settings". I did the test with these options disabled and it didn't work so I think that's the key to success!
  4. @BarryBL IT WORKED! It really seems to be a problem when identifying the players. Steps: 1. I closed the game and removed all controls. 2. I connected the PS4 controller and started the game. 3. I selected the split screen and then the game alerted me that the device was being used by player 1. 4. Now I connected the second controller and pressed X. 5. From there everything worked.
  5. @BarryBL Even if I remove a controller it is not possible to play with 1 controller and the keyboard, for example. I tried both ways, with 2 controllers and 1 controller and the keyboard. I get the same problem in both cases
  6. @BarryBL I don't know why DxDiags isn't showing, but look at the list of windows he's there. And yes, both work very well in any game mode and navigating between screens, I have no problem in this case. The scenario changes only when you ask to select the second player's car, from there no controller works and neither the keyboard, I can't do anything but close the game
  7. Here's my DxDiag's. Remembering again, all my controllers work perfectly on any screen in the game. The problem only happens when selecting the second player, nothing else works from there and I have to forcefully close the game with Alt+F4. DxDiag.txt @BarryBL
  8. Hello codemasters, is this simply going to be ignored here? We haven't had a response in days, no status on what happened. If this doesn't have a solution, find a way to compensate us with part of the product's value, since for some of us it is not 100% functional and there is nothing we can do. Thanks! @BarryBL
  9. Looks like we've been rewarded with that problem. I've searched the entire internet for anything that could help, I've tried everything imaginable to the unimaginable in search of a solution. The support for the game is also bad. The only answer we've had so far is "in the tests we did it worked", ok but not in mine. I give up
  10. I hope you find a correction and put it in an update as soon as possible, because the game has already been officially released for all and such a mistake is very serious and frustrating for those who buy the game. One of the reasons I bought it for example was precisely this feature, because I live with friends and we would all play like this. Otherwise I'll find a way to be compensated
  11. @AyushShukla27 The tag of our problem has been changed to "with developers", they are probably already evaluating
  12. I reinstalled the game and it didn't work out. 01. The first image shows the prompt message, just after clicking in split screen mode: 02. Up to this point everything is working, I can navigate between the options using any of the controllers and also the keyboard: 03. Moving on, the game asks me to select the player's car 1. So far everything is perfect, the controllers keep working and the keyboard too: 04. Right after selecting player 1's car, we go to the screen that selects player 2's car. From here everything stops working, no controll
  13. Thanks @AyushShukla27 for helping with the details of the report, I'm no good at it
  14. I don't know how to provide a bug report on this, but other users are also facing the problem I reported, see a player's comment on the Steam forums
  15. The split screen mode is not working properly. When you are asked to choose the second player's car the screen simply freezes, no joysticks buttons have action and neither does the keyboard
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