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  1. JMJRulz14

    Car Customization

    Does the design of the other teams' cars change?
  2. JMJRulz14

    GRID Season 3 - Arriving April 15th

    I guess they are oblivious that the custom liveries for the Agera RS are all off centered.
  3. JMJRulz14

    What cars are top tier in each class?

    Touring: TC-1 Specials Stock: Oval Stocks Tuner: World Time Attack GT: Prototype Invitational: R26
  4. JMJRulz14

    4 Reasons why Autosport is better than grid 2019

    I don't really find the AI to be any harder or easier. On both, I'd say, on average, I was on pace with AI on the hard difficulty, and even then, it's car and track dependent for me. I would say my average pace was slightly better on Autosport, and that's really due to the new game's dislike of power application on curbs. The track argument isn't worth trying to argue. As for cars... Drift: Not much of a drifter here, but I can say I at least somewhat enjoyed drifting in Race Driver: Grid, especially the Drift GP events. Autosport on the other hand, it was the bane of my existence. Less enjoyable, and had to lower the AI's difficultly if I wanted to dream of satisfying team and/or sponsor objeectives. Without knowing what the drift car handling model would be like in the new game, I can't call it's absence a pro or a con. Drag: Never bought the DLC. However, based off of videos of its gameplay, it looked like it was one of the more realistic drag modes to be included in a racing game. That being said, while it would've been nice to have, I don't find it's exclusion to be as questionable as drifting and demo derby's exclusions, especially since they were in all 3 of the previous games to my knowledge. Touring: Cat C cars are somewhat similar to TC2. Super Tourers are the same, just newer models. Cat B and Super Utes were based off of racing series that no longer exist (Superstars Series and V8 Utes), so while their exclusions are unfortunate, they aren't really surprising. As for Cat A, which run in Stock Car Brasil, they still race, but the decision was made to use Group 5 cars instead (which I thought to be more sport cars than touring cars). 2 of the 3 cup classes and the touring car legends DLC (minus the Audi) were included in the invitational category. So, mostly the same as Autosport. Open Wheel: Consider the F1 series Codemasters also produces, it's not too much of surprise that there only a few per game. From 3 race cars down to 2, and all cup classes drpped, this is on par with Race Driver Grid. On top of that, the TOCA series that preceded Grid focused mostly on cars with fenders, count yourself lucky if 1 or 2 open wheelers are included. Endurance: While the real world classes are different in both, GT group 2 goes from 4 cars + 1 dlc to 5, GT group 1 goes from 2 cars + 1 dlc to 6 cars, and Prototype goes from a spec class to 2 cars, whose only in-game difference are visual and auditory. Cup classes? GT40 joined by it's Ferrari rival, Shelby Cobra replaced by 4 cars that possibly could've competed with it, and the 787B was replaced by 2 Group 7 cars. Honestly, the real disappointment is that the Endurance mode that would've complemented these cars nicely is only available on the stadia version of the game. Tuner: Muscle was made part of the stock category, doubled from 3 cars to 6, and somewhat returned to its Race Driver Grid form. JDM was basically revamped into the modified group and expand from 3 cars to 5. The former modified group was a redundant group featuring 3 modified versions of cars from the muscle and JDM groups. Super Modified was demoted to the tier 2 Tuner class with all 3 base cars and the dlc car carried over, and an additional 5th car. World time attack is the new top tuner tier with 5 mostly unique cars. Both cup classes were dropped. In summary, 4 tiers with 12 cars + 1 dlc became 3 tiers with 15 cars. Personally, I'll take fewer tiers more cars as opposed to the inverse. and more: The Street division was basically a dump for the rest of the production cars from Grid 2. Considering basically all of those are or have been included in countless other games, and only a handful were unique or rare (Mazda Furai), I'm not concerned with their omissions. It is a shame fewer and fewer non-kart racing games feature splitscreen anymore. Autosport's career: Race for teams. 5 disciplines with 9 championships each, 3 for each tier, with 1 short, 1 medium, and 1 long. Total "events" range from 2 to 12, with medium and long featuring 1 or more cup races that aren't optional. There's also 3 Grid championships that are 10 events long feature cars from all 5 disciplines, unlocked by achieving level requirements for each discipline. Why events? Touring and open wheel have 2 races for each event, and Tuner's drift events feature a multi round format. Grid 2019's career: Race for your own team. 4 categories with 12 events (not distributed evenly among tiers) ranging from 1-4 races or time attacks. After winning 10 events in any one, you unlock a showdown against the best team in the discipline. Set up similarly is a Fernando Alonso category. The invitational category has 24 events, unlocked by progression in the other categories. Win 4 of 6 showdowns, you unlock the Grid World Series, with 6 events, progressed through in a set order. Win all 6, a final showdown against Ravenwest is unlocked. 48 championships with varying formats vs 85 events and 7 showdowns. I can't say how long each career mode would take to 100%, but I'd say both would keep you occupied for a decent amount of time.
  5. JMJRulz14

    Adjustable race length in Career - coming in Season 2

    That endurance mode on stadia sounds fun. Any chance the rest of us could get it?