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  1. Hi, i want to join to league 50. how should i register? when it starts? Thanks EA
  2. Hola, como estas? puedes inscribirte en www.racerszone.com Te esperamos. Saludos
  3. Hola Freddy como estas ? De que país eres? El horario es 22.45 GMT-3 es el horario de Argentina. Actualmente tenemos pilotos de 10 mas de países, Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, México y algunos más que no recuerdo. Si el horario no es problema , agregame para que veamos tu nivel así vemos en qué categoría puedes entrar. Mi id es agusalonso2010. Saludos! Agus
  4. Hello Drivers! RacersZone is hosting a new f1 season on PS4! We are an open competitive league for everyone who enjoys fair and nice racing! If you like to get a foot in league racing, we are a great place to start! The first race will be on the 17th of February! Features: - RacersZone is in Spanish language. - A friendly community - A referee consisting the admins (unless the incident involves an admin then we would go to a thrid party referee). - Full Calendar Races. - Live Broadcast on all races. - Prices for championship winners. - We have 4 tiers according to user skill. Race Format and lobby settings: - Short qualifying session, followed by a 50% race. - Manual starts only , no pit assist and manual ERS. - All other assist are allowed. - Damage is on full. - Corner cutting is on strict. - Weather is dynamic. Availability - Thursday Tier 1: 1 places - Wednesday Tier 2: 0 places - Tuesday Tier 3: 2 places - Monday Tier 4: 0 places We hope to see you on the grid! Feel free to contact us. Inscriptions at www.racerszone.com Racers Zone staff team.
  5. Eugenio Alonso

    Error Sp163 on Multiplayer - PS4

    I have the same problem of sp136 and today I bought the f1 2019 and I can not play it I have restarted the game and the console a few times and i have same error. Other games works online fine. Thanks for your help