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  1. Moog78

    New club "Rock Hard Racing"

    Challenging events open to all, you'll need to manage your tyres (and spares!) -4WD (R4, R5, 2000cc, A and B) -Events run for 2 weeks -10 stages -One service stop after 5 stages -Night stage to start each event (like WRC) -Day, sunset, dusk (wet and dry) for the remaining stages -No assists, hardcore damage https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/200527
  2. Moog78

    Difficult to see on Sweden

    It's very hard to see with snow during the day in SWE. I understand this may be realistic but it doesn't affect the AI times at all which makes it REALLY difficult to post decent times in career mode...
  3. Please add some search functionality to the clubs website. There are nearly 200 pages of clubs, mostly with 1 member and no active championship. Being able to filter active clubs would be a massive help.
  4. Club championships only retain custom car tuning for one stage after each service. For the second/third stages after each service they seem to revert to default tuning. I'm a PC user but my friend tell me this happens on all platforms...
  5. Moog78

    New club "R-Type Racing"

    Casual racing club open to all R2, R4, R5 and 4WD up to 2000cc Uses all locations (you will need DLC) Events run for seven days Mainly day/sunset/dusk with occasional night/wet stages Service area on every stage until the tuning bug is fixed!