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  1. Picked 76 because of how I got into/seen F1 for the first time which was the Rush Movie, Lauda and Hunt in the year 76'. And I also like the number as well.
  2. I go into myteam and go into a session and it kicks me out of the game while loading in, what am I supposed to do? Xbox.
  3. How many codes should the preorder copy have, I only have the Seventy add on code in mine
  4. I have got my preordered disk from Amazon after buying it. Where are the pitcoins for preordering the game, I cant seem to find them?
  5. So everyone has mixed experiences, interesting..
  6. I believe patches take longer to go to xbox, purely because on xbox they need to go through scrutinary checks, like security. So it will take longer for patches to come than you would get on other devices like Stadia, PS4 and PC.
  7. Did you get it off Amazon are was it a console store preorder?
  8. So im new to preorder bonuses in video games in general. I preordered the Standerd Edition of F1 2020 on Amazon (Hard Copy/Disc), how do we get the Pitcoin Bonus which is needed for the Podium Pass, is it via Email and sent with a code, or is it a code attached to the hard copy. Or does it apply automatically, just wondering because I am not buying off the console store, so trying to figure this one out.
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