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  1. RosAlfonz

    Paying to retry?

    35 sec? Seriously! And they allow that? this game starts to peezz me off and became unreal. You programmers might as well make the track straight and see who gets to the finish line fastest. No point of putting corners and turns.
  2. How to get the Legendary box in a Duel, I believe, is by being ahead, behind, then ahead again during the race will get you a Legendary box. is this a myth or real? Up to you to decide. i was just in a quali race. I was ahead then fall back from my opponent, then caught up and got ahead again ending with a win. Not by much, but to my surprise I got a Legendary box. I’ve noticed in some of my previous races when I got this box, similar situation happened. happy hunting
  3. RosAlfonz

    Highest GP Event place yet.

    You have brake assist turned off?
  4. RosAlfonz


    Here’s another cheat see how he took the last corner, clearly cutting through the grass and maintained his speed and/or got slingshot for more speed. FADF514A-C01B-4626-8A67-8246571F4C3D.MOV
  5. RosAlfonz

    Strangest Qualifying Yet?

    This game is poltergeist!
  6. RosAlfonz

    The Neeum car is not showing

    It’s not a livery. It’s a whole car you receive. You should have 1/2 at bottom right instead of 1/1
  7. RosAlfonz

    Can someone explain this?

    My thoughts exactly!
  8. RosAlfonz

    Can someone explain this?

    Another example of system glitch. At least this time it was to my favour... 5296B5C2-4D86-4A80-8A04-0A7B05EE61DD.MOV
  9. RosAlfonz

    Mid-Season Rewards Problem

    Go in to help in settings and send them a message.
  10. RosAlfonz

    Duels Leaderboards...

    I’m curious! Looking at the leaderboard, if you place first with big number of duels, isn’t that mean you’re not too good a racer? It took you that many duels to reach 9999? i just made it there with over 900 duels ( I know, those freaking bots kept making lose my race ).
  11. RosAlfonz

    Mid-Season Rewards Problem

    Wait for a bit. See at the bottom right where it says 1/1. When you see 1/2, swipe left and you’ll see your rewarded car.
  12. RosAlfonz

    Reached Elite 1

    Wait till you’re reach Elite 1 to collect. It’s a one time reward collected from any elite tier, but you’ll get more from elite 1
  13. RosAlfonz

    Can someone explain this?

    I think you got hit directly from behind. One time, one of the bot car slowed down and I was directly behind him. So I ram it from behind and it got airborne. happened to me many times before being sent flying. Now I know why. you’re a real pro driver. Love it!
  14. RosAlfonz

    Can someone explain this?

    Here is the second race with the same guy 66A5C908-B925-4482-AD0A-38D06F6920CB.MOV
  15. RosAlfonz

    Can someone explain this?

    This guy, my opponent, OVIDEX (Romanian flag) had 2 duels with me in a Grid start. Lights didn’t go out yet and his car was moving forward, pushing the cars in front of him forward. Then he leap ahead when the race start. Well, 2nd race he hung in the air and lost. What is causing this? Did he modify the codes or something? I’m baffle! watch out for this guy, F8F1DFBF-07DD-4FBA-A356-990D10E79803.MOV