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  1. Doesn’t work on both my iPhone 12 pro max and iPad Pro 11
  2. My game couldn’t load. I even deleted it and reinstalled. Same issue. anyone else?
  3. So now your opponent cant bump into you or knock you off track have been fixed. HOWEVER, there are still cheats out there that allow them to go off track and their speed is NOT affected at all. When i go off track, my car slowed down with freaking engine icon in the middle of my screen. But when the cheaters maintained their speed off track around the corners, that’s BS
  4. So, apparently the ghosting works only at beginning of the duel. After sector 2 or 3, your opponent can still bump you off road. CM, make ghosting works throughout the race.
  5. Ok, i have to say, so far the ghosting is working for me. I have been racing clean. One grid duel, i was behind and accidentally bump my opponent from behind bcos i was faster. He then became a ghost and the race carried on. He wasn’t pushed off track or anything. I finished 1st and he 2nd. I think this ghosting system works. CM just needs to tweak for improvement. I’m liking the game more now. AI cars, just dont stay right behind them. Staggered then pass when you get a chance because they’d suddenly slow down and you’d crashed into them.
  6. Still at phase 1; so still need lots of improvements. my question is, when you’re trying to protect your position near the finish line, is your opponent will ghost you and goes through to take the win? Against AI cars, don’t stay right behind them as they can brake suddenly. Just staggering and pass when you get a chance.
  7. I started this topic. I’m done with this BS game. Codemasters continue allow cheaters to play unfairly to win. F1 is supposed to be a classy race with best car and best drivers. Not with those who hit or crashed into others or use cheat codes to make their car defies law of physics. I deleted the game and my saved game. Adios Codemasters and all the cheaters. You are a bunch of BOZOS. thumbs up for the real racers out there. Ph*** off
  8. Hate drivers who can’t play like a professional. This game is not an arcade game. Most of us wants to play as it is real as possible.
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