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    BS discount

    Reg price you get 4000 CR. Look what you get at discounted price. .... 2500 CR for $89. Seriously?!
  2. RosAlfonz

    Punishment vs rewards

    One note to make, Codemasters should display our personal results for both good and bad behaviour, so we have an idea how we did.
  3. RosAlfonz

    New update

    Codemasters, how can you know if you got reported or how you can see how many times your opponent got reported? what are the consequences of being reported?
  4. RosAlfonz

    About Official cars

    With your same setup, which car is faster than other?
  5. RosAlfonz

    2020 cars

    When will our purchased cars be updated with 2020 new looks? codemasters, please reply.
  6. RosAlfonz

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Make duels into 2 laps
  7. RosAlfonz

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Here’s another cheater. faster than me with half the PI score. Only explanation is that his game code has no effect with any restrictions. https://streamable.com/on0kc
  8. RosAlfonz

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    This guy, I dueled twice in Grid start. His car started moving during the countdown. The first time he managed to get to P1 before the count finished and I lost that race. However, this second time (video) his attempt failed. Codemasters, delete his account. He clearly cheats! https://streamable.com/v2p8g
  9. RosAlfonz

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    To CMF1mobile, add one more category in challenge. Finishing 1st (10x) in either Grid or Sprint Duels wins you 10 cr. That’s on top of what is there now.
  10. RosAlfonz

    So you know if ....

    Hello racers, if we dueled and I won, I would sway once to salute you as respect. Then you know I’m not a bot. But if I’m swaying many times, that is laughing at your racing style. Meaning you tried to bump me off and being unprofessional. cheers n good racing. I think game is a bit better n stable. AI cars not trying to bump you off
  11. RosAlfonz


    @CMF1mobile, look into this guy please. He won the race with this low setup by over 2.5 sec. I have low brake assist and didn’t make any mistake during the race. He cut corner and got even faster than me without being slowed down. Impossible!
  12. RosAlfonz

    Challenge- Win series

    On 3 occasions that I completed and won 10 duels, I’m supposed to get 10 cr. When collecting, they were not added to my existing credits points. I’ve been stolen 30 cr. Codemasters are bunch of thieves.
  13. It says 35%, here’s the breakdown... medium packs ->$6.99 from $9.99. That’s only 30% off large packs -> $17.99 from $24.99. That’s only 28% off x-large packs -> $34.99 from $49.99. That’s only 30% off xx-large packs -> $89.99 from $119.99. That’s only 25% off so my question is, it says 35%, where is the 35% discount. The most is 30%. in the credits tab. It says up to 45%. VERY MISLEADING advertising! We deserve the exact discount % as shown.
  14. RosAlfonz

    Ideas to improve the game

    - Finishing 1st is Duels should get extra cr as bonus - 5 sec penalty for those whose gone off track in corners, then sped up?! In Duels - Automatic DQ for those crashing purposely into the opponent at start during Duels
  15. RosAlfonz

    How is this possible!?...

    But the point he got
  16. RosAlfonz

    How is this possible!?...

    And the game moderator allows it?!?!
  17. RosAlfonz

    New parts!

    Is this possible? This guy with over 2000 for setup?
  18. RosAlfonz

    Paying to retry?

    35 sec? Seriously! And they allow that? this game starts to peezz me off and became unreal. You programmers might as well make the track straight and see who gets to the finish line fastest. No point of putting corners and turns.
  19. How to get the Legendary box in a Duel, I believe, is by being ahead, behind, then ahead again during the race will get you a Legendary box. is this a myth or real? Up to you to decide. i was just in a quali race. I was ahead then fall back from my opponent, then caught up and got ahead again ending with a win. Not by much, but to my surprise I got a Legendary box. I’ve noticed in some of my previous races when I got this box, similar situation happened. happy hunting
  20. RosAlfonz


    Hello, is there cheat out there that players actually mod their game play? Just curious! I play my game fair with no cheat. I win by learning the tracks and sometimes with discounts I’d buy some credits to improve my car. Ive seen racers in duels that go off track but yet still maintain their speed, or started the race with over 2 sec advantage. if I’ve raced you, real racers, and lost. You have my respect. I saw some real hardcore racers here. In the last update, Reaching 9999 from 3500 in one day or so. Your eyes must be killing you. You probably saw double afterwards. cheers!
  21. RosAlfonz

    Highest GP Event place yet.

    You have brake assist turned off?
  22. RosAlfonz


    Here’s another cheat see how he took the last corner, clearly cutting through the grass and maintained his speed and/or got slingshot for more speed. FADF514A-C01B-4626-8A67-8246571F4C3D.MOV
  23. RosAlfonz

    Strangest Qualifying Yet?

    This game is poltergeist!
  24. RosAlfonz

    The Neeum car is not showing

    It’s not a livery. It’s a whole car you receive. You should have 1/2 at bottom right instead of 1/1
  25. RosAlfonz

    Can someone explain this?

    This guy, my opponent, OVIDEX (Romanian flag) had 2 duels with me in a Grid start. Lights didn’t go out yet and his car was moving forward, pushing the cars in front of him forward. Then he leap ahead when the race start. Well, 2nd race he hung in the air and lost. What is causing this? Did he modify the codes or something? I’m baffle! watch out for this guy, F8F1DFBF-07DD-4FBA-A356-990D10E79803.MOV