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    Can someone explain this?

    My thoughts exactly!
  2. RosAlfonz

    Duels Leaderboards...

    I’m curious! Looking at the leaderboard, if you place first with big number of duels, isn’t that mean you’re not too good a racer? It took you that many duels to reach 9999? i just made it there with over 900 duels ( I know, those freaking bots kept making lose my race ).
  3. RosAlfonz

    Can someone explain this?

    Another example of system glitch. At least this time it was to my favour... 5296B5C2-4D86-4A80-8A04-0A7B05EE61DD.MOV
  4. RosAlfonz

    Mid-Season Rewards Problem

    Go in to help in settings and send them a message.
  5. RosAlfonz

    Mid-Season Rewards Problem

    Wait for a bit. See at the bottom right where it says 1/1. When you see 1/2, swipe left and you’ll see your rewarded car.
  6. RosAlfonz

    Reached Elite 1

    Wait till you’re reach Elite 1 to collect. It’s a one time reward collected from any elite tier, but you’ll get more from elite 1
  7. RosAlfonz

    Can someone explain this?

    I think you got hit directly from behind. One time, one of the bot car slowed down and I was directly behind him. So I ram it from behind and it got airborne. happened to me many times before being sent flying. Now I know why. you’re a real pro driver. Love it!
  8. RosAlfonz

    Can someone explain this?

    Here is the second race with the same guy 66A5C908-B925-4482-AD0A-38D06F6920CB.MOV
  9. I love this game. I see the purpose of the game is to improve yourself as racer. So here is me in the game and the setup of my car. hope you share yours and we compare notes and can’t wait to meet you on the track. It comes down to how we drive, how fast we take corners. also, I am identifying myself with a 1 in front of my name, so you’ll know I’m from this forum. I’ll try to have a clean race if I know you’re from here too. enjoy!
  10. RosAlfonz

    Setup for Grid start

    Hi fellow racers, what is the best setup for a great Grid start in an event? i thought my setup was good, but when the first race in an event, I got passed and lost 4 to 5 positions. Even though I had a perfect start! Much appreciated!
  11. RosAlfonz


    Look at that guy Bruce. He achieved 9999 with only 293 races. I can’t even get to 7000 with my almost 600 races. Either he cheats big time or he spent $$$ thousands to buy credits and upgrade his car to the max. Where’s the fun in that?
  12. RosAlfonz


    The thing he knows.... Cheating!
  13. RosAlfonz

    Duels points ...

    When winning in Duels, you earn mostly +20, but when lost, you’re losing -30 to -40. WHY is that fair? i believe the system steals part of your lost points. THIEF,
  14. RosAlfonz


    Then why isn’t the Coders ban those guys? most of us are decent racers and know the tracks well, yet I don’t win every race. But those guys attaining 9999 with small number of races, is beyond me.
  15. RosAlfonz

    Duels points ...

    I see what you meant. Winning Points are a bit more if my opponent’s points are close to mine. Thnx
  16. RosAlfonz

    iPhone screen darkens during game

    Disable auto brightness in settings
  17. RosAlfonz

    Race not finishing

    Me too. All you have to do is to press the gear “settings” and select quit, to end the race. It will then darkened the screen and tells you win or lost...
  18. RosAlfonz


    Handling n aero
  19. RosAlfonz

    New Legendary Research Box

    My first one
  20. RosAlfonz

    This game is possessed

    First I want to say Hello Second, I think this game is possessed. Look at my opponent, hung like a poltergeist! 🤪 The latest update, I think it’s more stable (I may be wrong). Let’s wait and see.