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  1. Hello racers,


    if we dueled and I won, I would sway once to salute you as respect. Then you know I’m not a bot. But if I’m swaying many times, that is laughing at your racing style. Meaning you tried to bump me off and being unprofessional.

    cheers n good racing.

    I think game is a bit better n stable. AI cars not trying to bump you off


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  2. @CMF1mobile, look into this guy please. He won the race with this low setup by over 2.5 sec. I have low brake assist and didn’t make any mistake during the race. He cut corner and got even faster than me without being slowed down. Impossible!




  3. It says 35%, here’s the breakdown...

    medium packs ->$6.99 from $9.99. That’s only 30% off

    large packs -> $17.99 from $24.99. That’s only 28% off

    x-large packs -> $34.99 from $49.99. That’s only 30% off

    xx-large packs -> $89.99 from $119.99. That’s only 25% off


    so my question is, it says 35%, where is the 35% discount. The most is 30%.

    in the credits tab. It says up to 45%. 

    VERY MISLEADING advertising! We deserve the exact discount % as shown.





  4. 35 sec? Seriously! And they allow that?

    this game starts to peezz me off and became unreal. You programmers might as well make the track straight and see who gets to the finish line fastest. No point of putting corners and turns.

  5. How to get the Legendary box in a Duel, I believe, is by being ahead, behind, then ahead again during the race will get you a Legendary box.

    is this a myth or real? Up to you to decide.


    i was just in a quali race. I was ahead then fall back from my opponent, then caught up and got ahead again ending with a win. Not by much, but to my surprise I got a Legendary box. I’ve noticed in some of my previous races when I got this box, similar situation happened.

    happy hunting