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    Grid start "false start" bug

    Just go to the far side and stay clear of your opponent. Happened a lot to me and i always take leads.
  2. RosAlfonz

    Bad drivers

    Hate drivers who can’t play like a professional. This game is not an arcade game. Most of us wants to play as it is real as possible.
  3. RosAlfonz

    Minimum time for Hungary

    My quali time was around 1:09 and made it. Make sure you placed 1 in the grid and rice your heart out every single lap to get good time.
  4. RosAlfonz

    Hanoi track

    Anyone has issue with qualifying? Best time I got was about 1:36 and got low points than usual, 3900 pats or so.
  5. RosAlfonz

    Bad drivers

    I started this topic. I’m done with this BS game. Codemasters continue allow cheaters to play unfairly to win. F1 is supposed to be a classy race with best car and best drivers. Not with those who hit or crashed into others or use cheat codes to make their car defies law of physics. I deleted the game and my saved game. Adios Codemasters and all the cheaters. You are a bunch of BOZOS. thumbs up for the real racers out there. Ph*** off
  6. RosAlfonz

    Commendation: Good Driver

    Shout out to GERGAR, Mexican driver. We raced at Monza. I was in second, he was in first. I caught up and passed this gentleman in the long stretched before the last turn, as I passed him, he didn’t try to block or run me off track. I did win as he thought may the best man win. I salute you!
  7. RosAlfonz

    Braking technique

    You guys are awesome. I just let the guy in front of me do the brakIng and turning for me by using him as a reflector as you ram into it. Haha JK! Remember the number of taps of brake on each corner of every tracks. Practice and find what works best for you, depending on your car setup
  8. RosAlfonz

    To my fellow F1 Mobile Racers...

    Nice to meet you, fellow Canadian. I go by “WATCHMYAZZ” WITH O1O and number 78 in the game. Love to race you one day.
  9. RosAlfonz

    2020 McLaren cockpit view poor visibility

    Use over the cockpit view is better
  10. RosAlfonz

    Lost control

    WTH with the game? Many times in a duel, I was leading, then in the turn I completely had no control of the car anymore. It went straight and crashed into the wall. any of you experienced this?
  11. RosAlfonz

    Lost control

    The steering sensitivity, i believe, applies only if you steering by tilting the device. I use finger (leaking good) steering mode. 🙂
  12. RosAlfonz

    Lost control

    Recent discovery, I installed this game on a different iPad (older one, 5th gen, reg 9.7) and played it with my game profile. I raced about 20 or so and had NO issue of losing steering control when turning right. The game responded fine. The touch screen responded to all of my inputs without any flaws. However, when i played on my new IPad Pro 11 (2020 version), the problem arised on the 3rd, 4th game and so on. I kept losing right turn steering control almost every corner. I brought the issue to Codemaster nd sent them the link to my video with the problem. Hope they find a solution. My question to anyone using IPad to play this game, are you having this problem? What gen of your IPad? Thanx!
  13. RosAlfonz

    Gold research box

    Yeah! Tell me about it
  14. RosAlfonz

    Fed up of the False AI

    Codemasters also now program your car to lose steering control randomly in 3 or 4 races. When you’re ahead of your opponent, then mid way or in the last turn your steering becomes unresponsive, making you slow down and/or crashed and your opponent wins the race. If this is intentionally from Codemasters. I will ....
  15. RosAlfonz

    Lost control

    I believe there’s a bug in the software.i almost brought my new iPad to have the screen replaced, but when i played RR3 i had no steering problem. Codemaster, fix your damn bug.
  16. RosAlfonz

    Lost control

    Does anyone have this issue? Tried to contact Codemasters and got NO reply or feedback. I am getting frustrated playing this game and keep losing steering control mid game.
  17. RosAlfonz

    Winning cars?

    The only car that you can win was mid season 2019, The Neesum. The season end was just the painting. Any other cars you have to purchase them. Wait till they go on sale.
  18. RosAlfonz

    Same car, same setup drive differently at times?

    Maybe today’s weather is different. Track temperature is affected. 😂😂😂 jk
  19. RosAlfonz

    Codemasters, bug in the game steering control.

    Fix this freaking game control. ******* me off playing n lose control. #$&@*/-%+=&
  20. I captured the problem with steering in the game on 2 different iPads Pro. First 2 videos were from 2020 iPad Pro 11. The other two were from 2018 iPad Pro 12.9. video 1: lost steering control at 0:02 sec before entering the turn. Regained control at 0:05 sec. video 2: lost steering control during a turn at 0:06 sec. Regained control à sec later. next 2 videos are in the replied message. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  21. RosAlfonz

    Codemasters, bug in the game steering control.

    Video 3: lost steering control at 1:42, regained control before it crashed into the wall. video 4: lost steering control at 1:02 at the moment the steering straightened itself out. The problem started in this latest update. Please fix it. PS. I didn’t uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice. IMG_0050.MOV IMG_0049.MOV
  22. RosAlfonz

    Ads and daily box

    happens to me too. Had to close the game and removed it from running in the background. Then restart the game again. Or race the next duel, then it works fine.
  23. RosAlfonz

    Lost control

    I managed to captured 2 incidents when I lost control. 1) when the car was going straight, then lost control before the turn. 2) when during the turn, I lost control. My thumb was always on the steering wheel when it occurred. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  24. RosAlfonz

    Why do I bother?

    And I have problems when turning. Lost steering control. Car went str8 and crashed