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  1. Here's some shots from Finland (Steam) 😜 : This is a hot close call *Fly me to the moon...* *...and let me play among the stars.* Jumping out from the woods Cheers My creativity ends here XD
  2. Beautiful shots with a magnificent car ❤️ Steam/PC
  3. Sometimes we need some show too 🤣 From Steam/PC The best camera angle in the game gg Codemasters 👍
  4. Some awesome shots caugth under the rain of Argentina and on the snoey roads of Monte Carlo. PC/Steam.
  5. Beautiful shots took in Wales while doing some top 5 Global timings 😜 . Caught on Steam
  6. While trying out a Wales stage 13th global but I can do better 😜 Cheers from Italy
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