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  1. Because we are fukin stupid and buy everything, simple.
  2. Algarde

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Would be amazing...
  3. Algarde

    1.10+ patch wishes

    impredictable races and IA, but i know this is impossibile...
  4. Algarde

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Nope, this is not a simulator and this is why the pad is so strong. Simple. Even with the best wheel and no assists, this is not a simulator at all. They can't make artificially the pads slower because you want, they must totally redesign the physic engine. Or at least permit to join online sessions with only wheel players.
  5. mmm Makes sense to start a new career if i'm, in my current one, at the second GP in season 2?
  6. Algarde

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    In dry conditions normally I play at 92 (with pad). In wet, to have a similar pace, i need to play around 80, depends on the circuits.
  7. Algarde

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    IA in wet have an incredible traction boost in 2/3 and 4th gear. It's a fact and the player can't do nothing about this "issue". Custom setup are perfectly useless to match the pace of the IA in wet, unless you drop the difficulty. And this occur in almost every circuit.
  8. Algarde

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    About transfers, they have reduced the number of transfers in career mode in the last patch? Because in my current career I had only 1 transfer in season 1 and only 2 between season 1 and 2, and a decent R&D too
  9. Algarde

    It's time for telemetry

    F1 2019 is basically an arcade, with some little hints of simulation. Having complete control of the setup and telemetry is perfectly useless for the purposes of performance, just because the engine is not realized to give us a real simulation of an F1 car.
  10. Algarde

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    ahahah this will NEVER happen.
  11. The best way to play this game is in Championship mode. No R&D, no silly transfers, nothing, only races aganist silly IA.
  12. Algarde

    What sadistic ******* created Singapore?

    Yes it's an hard track to learn, but not the most difficult at all. I have many more problems in Baku and Monaco, where i'm totally unable to find the rhythm. Instead Singapore, once learned, is enjoyable