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  1. Malling

    DiRTy Gossip

    Actually, his last WRC event was in a Xsara in 2006... Codies, can we have a Xsara? Pretty please? 😘
  2. Malling

    DR2.0 Feedback on voices and localisation

    It's not much better in English... Now to steal my own quote from another thead
  3. Now this I like - it would basically be giving us two brand-new rallies!
  4. Malling

    Audi Quattro

    The Audi may apparently be the most powerful car in the game, but it also has the most sluggish handling in the class - it's heavy and front-engined which puts it at a disadvantage compared to the opposition
  5. Malling

    DiRTy Gossip

    It will be the WRC version. Codies don't have the WRC license, so they replace "WRC" with "Rally" in the car name, as they have done for several other cars in the game.
  6. Malling

    DiRTy Gossip

    Dashboard cam Occulus VR mode for Steam Resolved audio cut-outs Resolved turbo blow-off sound bug More handbrake input settings Ability to autofill a custom event Broadcast mode for multiplayer and a ****ton of other fixes? 1.9 is looking set to be a game-changer! 👍👍👍
  7. I wonder if F2 is an abbreviation of FIA 2-Litre Cup, which is what cars of this spec competed in?
  8. What the steam clients show you don't have are the early unlocks. More like incomplete product titles than a bug.
  9. Malling

    DiRTy Gossip

    That is exactly what they mean. Check out footage from things like F1 eSports, World's Fastest Gamer finals and Sim Racing Expo - where there's lots of competitors playing 'live and in person', they tend to use identical rigs with a single monitor each. And this post is pretty irrelevant anyway because I got beaten by @Mike Dee
  10. Malling

    DiRTy Gossip

    @koog2003Where did I say that we have to shut up and accept things the way they are? I was merely speculating, I wasn't telling anyone to shut up.
  11. Malling

    DiRTy Gossip

    Perhaps they can't give an ETA date because they have no idea how long it will take to implement? 🤔
  12. I think you'll find that this thread was created several months before mine! My stuff didn't exactly fit into this thread because I encouraged more conventional choices as well.
  13. The early unlocks for the Abarth, Alpine and Kadett were never a part of the Deluxe Edition / Season 1 & 2 content. They were only ever available as individual DLCs and as part of the Day One Edition (Abarth & Alpine) or as a pre-order bonus from certain retailers (Kadett).
  14. I'd like the option of being able to enable/disable hardcore penalties. As much as I've wanted the penalties to be more strict (4s recovery is a joke!), I also have my moments of just wanting to go a little bit nuts and, as mentioned before, wanting to take out my frustration at the end of the stage by driving into a reset trigger.