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  1. I have no idea why but to me that co-driver sounds like some sort of Irish mashup of Petter Solberg and Sebastian Vettel
  2. This should clarify as to which year the car is from; TL:DR it's a late 1998 car - I don't blame Codies for picking this one as, although it might not be the exact spec of car that was in CMR1, it is a close approximation which happens to be from the year in which that first game was released.
  3. It's pretty safe to assume that the Legacy will be a Group A car, as that's exactly what it is. As for the Impreza S4, it's technically built to World Rally Car Regulations so that suggests it's in the World Rally Car 2000cc class, but it's age would make it a big outlier there - if you're looking for more appropriate competition IMO then put it in the same class as the Evo VI
  4. Inb4 Codies do a Williams with the Martini livery
  5. That looks suspiciously like a list of 10 cars 😉
  6. The blog post mentions the MINI Cooper S in scenario mode and the trailer, as you say, heavily implies the MG Metro 6R4.
  7. The blog post already mentions the following for Scenario mode; MINI Cooper S Peugeot 205 GTI Ford Sierra Cosworth Subaru Impreza 1995 Subaru Impreza S4 (implied) Ford Focus RS 2001 The following I'd also expect; MG Metro 6R4 (new livery, trailer describes McRae's antics in one) Subaru Legacy (new car) Skoda Fabia (McRae livery already in-game)
  8. Well it's either that or in Group A - either way, with the Legacy presumably going in Group A, we're getting 3 Subarus in one class
  9. Actually, his last WRC event was in a Xsara in 2006... Codies, can we have a Xsara? Pretty please? 😘
  10. It will be the WRC version. Codies don't have the WRC license, so they replace "WRC" with "Rally" in the car name, as they have done for several other cars in the game.
  11. Dashboard cam Occulus VR mode for Steam Resolved audio cut-outs Resolved turbo blow-off sound bug More handbrake input settings Ability to autofill a custom event Broadcast mode for multiplayer and a ****ton of other fixes? 1.9 is looking set to be a game-changer! 👍👍👍
  12. I wonder if F2 is an abbreviation of FIA 2-Litre Cup, which is what cars of this spec competed in?
  13. What the steam clients show you don't have are the early unlocks. More like incomplete product titles than a bug.
  14. That is exactly what they mean. Check out footage from things like F1 eSports, World's Fastest Gamer finals and Sim Racing Expo - where there's lots of competitors playing 'live and in person', they tend to use identical rigs with a single monitor each. And this post is pretty irrelevant anyway because I got beaten by @Mike Dee
  15. @koog2003Where did I say that we have to shut up and accept things the way they are? I was merely speculating, I wasn't telling anyone to shut up.
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