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  1. sajlent

    Not all Car models/liveries updated?!

    Also Ferrari Halo - it lacks Ray-Ban logo
  2. sajlent

    Monaco hairpin

    Try to lower your on and off differential for Monaco - 60% - 60% is good. Also, break early. If you break late you will run wide and miss the apex of the hairpin and prolly damage your front wing or just get stuck. You need to be as close to the right side of the track as possible. When you're approaching the hairpin, start to brake and downshift from 3rd gear to 2nd and then when you're about to start turning downshift to the 1st gear. This will give you the best turning ability. Start turning just on the height of that F1 2019 banner on the right. You don't have to use the curb but you can to get a little help turning. You will get it right when the lowest speed during the turn is around 38-40 kmph. When you hit 38-40kmph you should slowly start accelerating.
  3. So I started a new career in Red Bull. 103% AI and I have 0 problems of fighting Verstappen or even Ferraris and Mercs after few minor updates. My theory is that AI level goes up when you transfer to another team. This happened to me when I moved from Williams to Haas. In Williams I had no problem of beating Kubica on 103% or even 104-105%. When I moved to Haas I couldn't even touch Verstappen who was my teammate. Same happened in Ferrari. Had to lower AI from 103 to 95-100 xD - AI difficulty randomly spikes when you transfer to another team or when your car is highly developed or - I just simply cannot setup properly my maxed out car so I am losing 1 second to my teammate (yeah not rly) xD
  4. sajlent

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    yeah difficulty spikes are ridiculous... I've just had race weekend in China (season 4) and I lost to my teammate on pole almost a second!!!!! ON 100% AI I went to Grand Prix mode, set the AI to 103% and picked Ferrari. First crappy run in short quals and I've managed qualify P3 with 0.150s gap to the Merc on pole xD BUT SOMEHOW I LOST ALMOST A SECOND TO POLE IN A MAXED OUT FERRARI ON 100% AI - sums up fckn career mode after Season 1.
  5. xD Engine worn in Bahrain Round 2? dude pls
  6. Hello everyone, I don't know if I can't properly setup my car for the quals or the AI is just broken. I can easily handle 103% in grand prix mode for example in Bahrain where AI is op but somehow in Career, I am losing almost a second to my teammate on pole while playing on 100% AI xD So basically what I was doing with setups - I am using my TT setups in Career and I tweak it to the car I am driving. In S1 and S2 I was in Williams so I needed to put more downforce on wings and setups were fine. I could easily beat my teammate on most track while playing on 105-106% AI. Then moved to Ferrari which was almost maxed out and I was struggling to keep up with the pace of my teammate. Obviously I lowered the wings for this maxed out Ferrari and still couldn't find any extra time. No matter what was the setup. So guys, what do you change in your setups when the car is developed?
  7. sajlent

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    OP has the point but in my case it refers to AI in Career Mode. Please explain to me why I can easily handle AI on 103% and battle with 105% in Grand Prix mode and struggle against AI on 95-100% on the track (for example Bahrain) where in Grand Prix mode with AI 103% I was easily beating Hamilton by 0.200s in quals as Bottas? In Career, on 100% AI, in maxed out Ferrari, I qualified P3 and was losing almost a second to my teammate Vettel on pole. I tried different setups in this maxed out Ferrari in career and was always losing by a mile while being on level of AI I can easily handle in Grand Prix mode. This is weird.
  8. Either it's me not able to set up the car properly in maxed out Ferrari or the AI is broken. S4, Bahrain and I couldn't match up Vettel on 100% AI. P3 and gap to P1 was 0.5s. And this is my run on tt and grand prix as Bottas on 103% AI. btw. look at Kimi xD Always 7th 😄
  9. Yes but only to test the GP mode with something worse than Merc to tell if I can beat the AI with no problem. In GP my pole time was something around 1.35.7 but I could probably get 2 tenths by lowering the wings to 3-3. And I didn't try that much, In career (Ferrari, maxed out, S3, same lvl of AI, short quals) my time was obviously faster than 1.35 (I don't really remember now) but the difference between P1 and P2 was only 0.350s. In GP, in worse Ferrari the difference between P1 and P2 was 1.5 seconds. I was using short quals not full quals. What I usually do is fast forward to 10 minutes to go, then I do my first lap. I go back to the garage, tweak my wings and rest if needed, set new tyres and I go for 2nd lap with 2-3 minutes to the end of quals. What's your point? Obviously I was making faster lap times in maxed out Ferrari in Career than in Grand Prix mode but MY POINT is that on the same level of AI, I was struggling to beat the AI in Career. In GP I can easily handle 105 AI during the quals and race. In Career I really couldn't keep up so it was weird. And I started my career on 106% AI and I was managing to keep up in the Williams... Let me ask differently, what do I need to tweak in my setups for these maxed out career cars? Obviously wings and I did that many times and there was no noticeable difference. Basically I was making the same time in 1-1 wings in Abu Dhabi and also on 3-3 wings.
  10. Maybe it's the fastforward glitch in quals? It's pretty weird. Maxed out ferrari - abu dhabi quals. I lowered AI just to check what's going on - 90%. I was on pole BUT 2nd time was only +0.350 from me. I was shocked. I am not that bad. I was thinking maybe I've got bad setup? In TT I am running 3-3 wings with Merc so with maxed out Ferrari I put it on 2-2 and then 1-1 or 1-2 - no difference. I went to Grand Prix mode. Ferrari, abu dhabi, 90% AI. Setup from TT with 4-4 wings. Pole position with something 1.35 ish. 2nd time was +1.5 seconds behind me 😮 This is weird xD
  11. Now my Haas is the best team on the grid and we still can't catch up Ferrari. And it's pretty boring, I'm in S3 R6 and already Haas is maxed out, Ferrari is nearly there. Same for McLaren.
  12. Hi everyone, Something is really wrong. I am currently on S3 career and went to Haas (2nd on the grid, close to Ferrari and almost maxed out). In S1 and S2 I was in Williams and we were 2nd worst team on the grid. I was comfortably running 106% AI beating my teammate, finishing p16 in the race most of the time and two times p10 and p7 in S2. Then in the end of S2 I went to Haas. It is almost maxed out. My teammate is Verstappen. First race in Melbourne and I am struggling to get to p7 in quals 😮 Okay, I have tweaked my setup and managed to qualify p5 but still it was pretty weird coz my gap to pole and 3rd Verstappen in the same car was too big. P5 in the race. I've decided to lower AI to 103 for Bahrain. Quals in bahrain and I am struggling to qualify higher than p9... My best time in quals was 1.24.9 losing to Verstappen over 0.6seconds. ***? I tried different setups, lowering wing to 1-1, putting them on 7-6, tried balanced setup and I was always in the 1.25.0 range. Okay something is wrong. I went to Grand Prix mode. 105 AI Bahrain in Ferrari as Leclerc. Short qualifying, my 2nd scruffy run with my TT online setup (500th on the LB) and I've easily managed to beat Vettel by 0.100s and qualify P3. What is wrong? Why I can easily keep up with 105AI in grand prix mode but now suddenly in career I can't handle 103 AI? In almost maxed out Haas basically on the same R&D level as Ferrari (rest of the grid is way behind). I've tried different setups in career and still was losing almost a second to pole times in Australia and Bahrain. Is it bugged or what?