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  1. Wofmann76

    Driver Changes/Team Changes

    I wonder if during the offseason that you can just pay close attention to what teams are signing who and just try to slide in as 1st driver amd get Butler or Weber to be 2nd Driver. Depending on who might already have a seat on that team..
  2. Has anyone been able to change teams and have Weber as their teammate again? And if so how did you do it? Currently Weber is with Toro and i want to find away to get on the same team as him. Just think it would cool if for our second season in F1 we were teammates again.
  3. Wofmann76

    First Career Season in 2019 - quick question

    I might have to look into doing this. Just to see if it helps Riccardos AI
  4. Wofmann76

    First Career Season in 2019 - quick question

    Thank you guys for the replies. I guess with Riccardo having an under performing AI, i will just continue to carry Renault on my shoulders. Lol ūü§£
  5. Wofmann76

    First Career Season in 2019 - quick question

    I have it set at 80 during qual and 85 during the race.
  6. I just have a quick question that hopefully someone can answer. Im relatively new to the formula 1 games. I have only ever played 2018 and now 2019. With that being said. Im obviously not very good and have a low difficulty rate (80 for qual and 85 for race) No ABS, Traction Control low and Manual with out Clutch Im currently doing a Renault career, and its seems like my teammate is straight trash. Daniel hasnt qualified higher than 15th this whole season, (im at the USA race). I have qualified basically right where the team wants me to. Is it due to the low difficulty that effects the teammate of the player? Or is Renault that under powered compared to other teams, and im doing good because of the lower difficulty?
  7. Wofmann76

    Podium finish being taken away

    @Jajb thats exactly what it said to me. I was in front of Gasly and we both were battling for 4th and came up on the a Williams Car that had been getting lapped. Once the race was done. The game basically said i was the Williams car and placed me in its spot.
  8. Hey guys i need some help trying to figure something out. Im in the middle of doing the Career Mode, i was just finishing up China's Grand Prix. Because i a crappy qualifying i had to start the race with the grid position 19th. I fought my way threw the entire field and finished the race in 4th. I was highly excited about this. But right before the cut scene for the podium drivers it said i finished 18th!!!!!! I had no penalty against me. I never had the notification come up for having a collision with another driver. So my question is WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!? Why would it take away my finish position and randomly place me back down in 18th?? Has anyone else had this happen to them???