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  1. wastegard

    DRS fail F1 2019 PC

    This comment was completely unnecessary. Forumt is for helping each other, not mocking. We have all, at some point, been in a situation where we are currently unable to find a solution to a problem.
  2. wastegard

    DRS fail F1 2019 PC

    I found the error on my own as I did not get a single answer here. As I thought... it was not my wheelbase, it was my csl loadcell. It had the brake sensitivity set too low so the game thought I was breaking under drs.
  3. wastegard

    DRS fail F1 2019 PC

    Hi, Discovered today that my DRS is not activated every time, I hear the sound when the wing is opened but neither the wing nor the movement with the hand in the cockpit moves. And sometimes it opens but closes immediately. Anyone experiencing the same thing? Or someone who has a solution to the problem. PC Fanatec CSW v2.5 - Formula v2 Have tried to map the buttons and the error remains. So it's probably not a bug with wheelbase and steering wheel.