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    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Tried these settings on a Thrustmaster TMX and probably the nicest feeling I've got so far from the wheel. Although I seem to have a problem with the wheel going really light in tight corners (think turns 1 & 10 at Bahrain) so I end up losing the steering angle and going wide - I can't turn any further in because I'm at maximum rotation (360 degrees in game). Not sure what's causing this? Have tried fiddling with the wheel damper settings and turning understeer enhance on/off with no joy. EDIT: Figured it out. The TMX has settings on the base itself that you can change in increments for maximum degrees of rotation and steering sensitivity. Currently have this setting matching the in game setting at 360 degrees and the steering sensitivity at 3 (which is second lowest so you don't get instances of snap oversteer). Can confirm that I can now hold those tight corners without any loss of steering angle!