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  1. Ykonoclast

    Apparently my setup is terrible

    Thank you Andrew210227 (that's... a lot of Andrews) all is much clearer now.
  2. Ykonoclast

    Apparently my setup is terrible

    Follow-up : I did everything I was suggested (lowered tyre pressures to 23.4/21.5, set AR bar to 7/5, set diffon to 70 and diff off to 60) and performances drastically improved : I went from 20th to 7th position (moreover, in an Alfa Rome this time) so it all worked perfectly, thanks a lot. Now, I would love to understand a bit more what exactly this all did, but what's really important is that I can now enjoy the game much more, so really, a gazillion thanks.
  3. Ykonoclast

    Apparently my setup is terrible

    Thanks for the contributions. I will try with these indications. What are the exact effects I can hope to obtain by opening the diffs? What would inverting rear and front bars exactly do? Same for tyre pressures, what is the desired effect by lowering that here?
  4. Ykonoclast

    Apparently my setup is terrible

    I started playing with F1 2018 and I must say I am not a very good driver. That said, using no assists (except ERS), I could race the AI on 50% and finish a race around the level of my team mate (which seems to be a good measure of one's limits). I thought I had a basic knowledge of how setups worked and was quite satisfied with mine in 2018 (note : I didn't use the so-called ''ballast trick'' as I could'nt manage the oversteer of a ballast higher than 7) but I am really struggling in 2019. I spent time learning about the differences in 2019 (with youtube videos, articles etc.) and adjusting (in Spain) my base setup to get the best times. Once this was done, I started a career. And then the nightmare began : on 50% AI, I am always 20th, sometimes several seconds away! Lowering difficulty (to 30%) helped, but then I can only win anything using massive amounts of flashbacks (like several... for every turn), achieving a lucky qualifying and then bottlenecking everyone behind me with a hard defense : I have absolutely no pace whatsoever and even Williams cars easily go past me. Worse : when pushing the car to the limit I am suffering of both understeering and oversteering at the same time : I go extremely wide on corner entry and spin ridiculously on corner exit. I tried ajusting my setup, but there is only so much you can do (isolating each setting is hard : I am not a machine and my lap times are never exactly the same so it's hard to see what does what). This really ashames me, I really took a lot of time to adjust the setup and... well it kind of sucks anyway as behaviour is subpar in the end. So, could anyone teach me how to suck less? Here is what I use in Spain (and is quite ''baseline'') : Transmission : Diff ON : 100 (tried lowering it, seemed to give worse times as the car struggled to accelerate on corner exit) Diff OFF : 75 I never really understood what these does (I understood that it governs differential locking, but as to the effects on the car... that is not clear) Geometry : camber : all to the right toes : all to the left I don't really get what is the exact effect, but many advise this (and it actually seemed to improve lap time) Suspension : Front : 3 Rear : 4 AR bar front : 7 AR bar rear : 5 I tried other values for the AR Bar but performances degraded with lower and higher settings, 7/5 seemed the sweet spot Ride height front : 3 Ride height rear : 4 Brakes : pressure : 90 bias : 55 Tyre Pressure : Front : 24.2 Rear : 21.9