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  1. torque99uk

    Barcelona Returns

    I came across this video on a few other sites today. Just to say I am really pleased this track returns. It is very colourful, has loads of spectators and a pleasure to thrash round in Grid Auto Sport. I know closed city tracks are not for everyone but they are getting rarer for short sharp intense races these days. I keep going back to Grid for the audio and the city tracks. What are your thoughts on the upgraded visuals? It seems much brighter and saturated? 😎 😍
  2. torque99uk

    Photo Mode

    Yep I guess it depends on much work is involved on the existing ego game engine they are running on. I have seen some of the developer screen shots (promotion material) for both dirt and Grid which do have great shutterspeed and aperture so I am hoping one day they will try and patch them in. These recently released shots look like they were taken on a photo mode not replay due to the speed. 🤔 😍
  3. torque99uk

    Photo Mode

    Grid still looks great today. I just want to clarify I am looking forward to the new Grid and the Replays. Pre-ordered Deluxe version (PC). 👌👍
  4. torque99uk

    Photo Mode

    Thank you Chris for the reply it is much appreciated. I got some good shots from Dirt replays but love the freedom of a freecam and the shutter speed for more realistic shots. Out of interest are you able to confirm if it will have Nvidia Ge Force support like Dirt? Then I can add DOF at least 🙂 I do hope a photo mode is added later. I feel good well done photo modes help with players marketing the game across many social platforms many months (even years) after release. There is a large photo mode community growing that will not have seen the close up detail sometimes not seen in game or replays. Thank you. Torque99uk P s I am still enjoying Grid Auto Sport so much, those Sprint Run races are so good even after all this time. 😀
  5. torque99uk

    Photo Mode

    New to this forum but I have been around driving games a long time. I have almost all games released by Codies over many years. Anyway, I would love to have a great Photo Mode 😍 as good as F12019 in this game! (I missed this in Dirt series) with focus, shutter speed, aperture and filters. Is there any new or update on this or details on the flashback/replay system. Thanks torque99uk