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  1. TamiyaGuy

    Project CARS 3 banners in DiRT Rally 2.0

    It's cool guys, looks like the banners are back to their normal selves (at least, on the Australia Weekly) - thanks for the updates, PJ. I kept my eyes on the road and still wound up careening into a fence every other stage 😆
  2. TamiyaGuy

    Name a Graphical or Sound Effect in 2.0 that...

    Welp, I just learned that one in the current Monthly, when I threw my 206 into a hay bale in Poland. Hearing the blowoff valve so much sharper, so much more clearly, sent shivers down my spine! Then I got distracted by it and binned the car into a fence...
  3. (PC, Steam) Minor audio glitch with the Subaru Legacy and the Impreza S4 Rally: The distinctive "click" sound when you engage/disengage the handbrake doesn't play. Can be easily replicated by going to DirtFish, driving forward slowly and using the handbrake. As far as I've noticed, this sound is present for every other car in the game.
  4. (PC, Steam) One issue I noticed with the 1995 New Zealand Colin McRae Scenario with regards to difficulty (playing on 91 difficulty). Will see if it happens on other Scenarios as well. I played through the first 3 stages in a single sitting, then quit out of the game and later played the final stage (wet, long). The "target driver" was consistently setting an 8:59, which was extremely hard to beat. Then, after retrying and finishing all 4 stages in a single sitting, the same target driver was now putting in a 9:34 on the same stage, and was much easier. Update: Might also be happening on 1992 Finland as well (3 stages, no service park). Quitting out of the game immediately after the 1st stage (before loading the 2nd stage), then going back in, the top drivers were setting ~3:22's on Stage 2. Playing through Stage 1 and 2 in a single sitting, the top drivers were setting ~3:29 - 3:33's.
  5. TamiyaGuy

    Introducing DiRT Rollers

    So I really hope that the team's everlasting dedication to marble/rolling resistance physics shows up in Dirt Rollers, but I was wondering if we could get a sneak-preview of the marble list, so we can know what to expect? Obviously, the legendary Subaroll 360 is a must-have, but what about the amateur heroes of the marble scene? Marbles like the Mini Looper S, the Speencar Xtrem, even the VW Yeetle?
  6. That Valvoline livery looks absolutely lovely, and a nice sidestep of the colours of the company that shall not be named ;). It's worth mentioning that note of All Oculus players get upgraded to the Game of the Year Edition - I don't even own a VR headset, but I think you guys deserve serious kudos for that and should make note of it. I know there have been discontented murmurings among the Oculus players about the lack of DLC over the year, so personally I think a gesture of goodwill like this is a great way of making amends for past difficulties/mistakes. 2 weeks now, the hype is getting real...
  7. TamiyaGuy

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    Hi, just made an account to provide some feedback and hopefully seek some help, using a Logitech Driving Force GT. How are you getting on with the input configuration options in-game? OK, no real problems. Being unable to bind two buttons on the same device to the same action is slightly annoying (e.g. use either the paddles or DFGT shifter to change gears), and it seems a bit of a step backwards from DR1 just because the DFGT was fully supported out-of-the-box. I've tried to import an XML file to get some better support for the DFGT, but I haven't been able to get it working at all. Are they easy to find, easy to understand? Very easy to find, no complaints. Is it easy to understand in-game what each of the settings mean and do? Slightly more difficult to understand what each setting does because there are no tooltips by the option as there was in DR1. The input settings guide is a great help here, but it's still irritating to have to Alt-Tab back and forth to figure out what an option does. Is there anything in this regard you think the team could do better in the future? Definitely add tooltips as you hover over an option, like in DR1. There's space to the right of the UI, why not use that? How are you finding the in-game tools and configuration options? Calibration was really easy and being able to do it in-game is great - plenty of others need a menu reload or even a restart to change settings like that. How do you feel about how the game handles external configuration files? (+How did you configure your unofficial devices?) I tried making a custom preset for the DFGT following the Multi-Input Device Guide so that I could bind paddles & shifter to shift up/down (as it is in DR1), but couldn't get it to work - when creating a custom lg_driving_force_gt.xml, the game ignores it and loads my manually-bound controls instead. The device ID is correct in the XML and in device_defines, and I've even tried putting the device ID into another wheel's "slot" (e.g. G29) and using that XML instead - no luck. Even tried replacing direct_input_wheel.xml, which just results in the game refusing all inputs (even keyboard) and getting stuck at the title screen.