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  1. Hello everyone! I have started playing the 2018 F2 Championship and I'm having a couple of issues setting the AI difficult to make it more realistic. Can anyone help me with that? - Do all the cars have the exact same performance? If that's the case, why is it that Carlin, DAMS, ART are in front most of the time? Is it only based on the drivers' skill (Norris, Russell, Albon, etc.)? - If the above is true (all F2 cars have the exact same performance), how should I calibrate the AI difficulty to make the game more realistic? Should I calibrate the AI strenght based on the time of my teammate, or based on the time of the top drivers? For instance...I am playing with Trident and I can get a respectable position when I drive very well (8-10th) That seems realistic based on their real life performance. But will I be able to win the race if I change to Carlin/DAMS, for instance? Or will I keep finishing 8-10th as the performance is the same? What do you recommend? Thanks a lot!
  2. DonNige

    I need help with race starts

    I had the same problem when I used full traction control....now I use medium traction control and I don't see this issue anymore. I can keep the pace with AI opponents. I do not use manual start...it's assisted. Only traction control that was changed from full to medium.
  3. DonNige

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    very good summary! hopefully the developers will see this and do something...the problem seems to happen not only after season 1, but also within the seasons....there is a huge development boost of some teams even within season 1
  4. DonNige

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Agree that this partially breaks the career mode experience....it should really be fixed. I started one game with Toro Rosso and another one with Renault...with both of them I was already the 4th best team by race 7 or 8, which is nonsense....and then you are already racing at the same level of the top 3 teams, which is absolutely ridiculous. I've never finished a season because everytime I get by race 7 it's so easy that I start another save to try to make things more difficult and realistic. This is actually the reason I signed up for this forum...I was searching online for info about this. Please, fix this! 🙂